Full Circle Raffle: Prize #6

Continued thanks for your amazing and generous support. If you’ve donated, you should’ve received an email from me indicating how many entries you’ve got. (I just sent the most recent batch out today – with apologies to those of you who actually know me for sounding so formal in the email!). I am completely confused right now when it comes to matching blogs with real names. So I know for a fact that some of you have linked here and that I didn’t get that entry counted yet. I’m keeping an official list of people’s entries (look at me, trying to be all organized!), so please do shoot me an email letting me know if I left that bonus entry off your confirmation email and I will update my records.

Meanwhile, I promised another prize package since we hit $1000, and here it is:

6 skeins (or more) Burly Spun, in cream

6 skeins (or more) Burly Spun, in cream

Are you one of the bajillion people who added the Lyric Tree pullover to your queue as soon as it was published? Yeah, me too. I used some birthday money to buy the yarn for mine. Now you can knit it for free if you win this package. The package currently includes 6 skeins of Burly Spun in cream (slightly off-white), but if you need more, that will be included too. (Since the yarn is a bit pricey, I didn’t want to buy more than necessary). I will also purchase a copy of the Lyric Tree pattern for the winner. [If Lyric Tree is not your style, there are lots of other great options for using this yarn. The Shopping Tunic comes to mind. Or EZ’s Hurry-Up Last Minute Sweater.]

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the yarn is yummy. Thick and lofty, and 100% wool. I can’t wait to cast on.

Prize value = $98 (or more than that if you need another skein or two to make the pattern)

If we hit $1500, I’ll add another prize. If we get there in the next few days, I’ll even be able to pick it up at Knit Nouveau in Birmingham, which would be extra special for me (as I’ve said before I visited there after Little Buddha’s accident last summer and had a really wonderful experience there). They have lots of gorgeous stuff, so it would great fun to pick something nice out for one of you!

4 thoughts on “Full Circle Raffle: Prize #6

  1. Hey S!

    I love your earthchick blog, and have been reading (lurking) regularly. Your pictures, projects & stories make even me want to knit.

    What a wonderful celebration for the anniversary of your “lost & found” near-tragedy. (I’ve wondered how your husband has processed that event, too.) Your contest is SO cool. And I’m proud for you about the response you’ve received.

    Congrats, from your old seminary friend.

  2. Hi,
    I just realized that I had forgotten to link your raffle to my blog. So I did, and in doing so re-read the post, and had to make another donation.
    I enjoy your blog very much, and am happy to help spread the word.
    I’d also be happy to be knitting that seasilk into my first lace project!!
    Have a wonderful vacation!

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