Interesting conversations are happening here and there about whether or not the knitblog is dying or just evolving. I really don’t intend to let mine die (though as time goes on it seems to be less “knitblog” and more just “blog”), but I’ve had technical problems for the last several weeks that have made blogging particular difficult. Starting tonight, though, I am recommitting.
With the help of my new friend.

My iMac G5, after 5 Genius Bar visits in 22 months time, each of which results in a diagnosis of “corrupted OS” and an OS reinstall, has now been retired. The true and final diagnosis was rendered after the Apple Geniuses did the migration of my data to my new MacBook: failing hard drive. So now I feel all confirmed in our decision to use our stimulus check for this baby.
I may be a wee bit thrilled.

I’ve got loads of updates to make – things I’ve made in the last, oh, 4 months or so. Also, something really big is coming up next week. So stay tuned, okay?

5 thoughts on “Recommitting

  1. hey! how did i not see these photos on flickr yet? congrats on the new puter! yay! and keep the blogging up. i say so long as someone is reading, i’ll pop in and write. especially as i open myself up to things other than just knitting. i’ll argue that the “mintyfresh” and “pepper” parts of my name means that food is a natural topic . . .

  2. 1st big congratulations on your new computer!

    2nd – i’ve been thinking about whether to shut my blog down or not. mostly it’s a time issue – it’s hard to keep up with flickr, my photoblog, ravelry, reading blogs and answering questions via e-mail and still find time to knit and dye. i think it’s telling that most people responded to your comment over at flickr – flickr has become one of the first places i go when i get online.

    after reading your post and the flickr comments i remembered why i started the knitblog in the first place – it wasn’t to write about myself or brag about my knitting (not much to brag about recently anyway) but to have a place to inspire others and share information and talk about the creating/knitting process. the desire to do this hasn’t changed nor has the the desire to see what others are doing and to hear how it’s working (or not working) out for them. so i’m glad you’ve recommitted. encourages me to do the same.

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to your life!
    Because, as I recently learned, a new laptop commands almost as much time as another, somewhat messier, addition to the family!!
    Happy computing…and don’t forget to set it down to get some knitting in!

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