Stubborn like that.

First, thank you for following me over! Secondly, would you believe that I finally make the switch and my (cursed) Mac decides it no longer wants to play? Seriously, every time I try to write a post, it closes down Firefox. This is one in a long line of issues I’ve been having for months, but this may be the one that finally sends me to the Apple store. In the meantime, I’m using My Old Man’s MacBook. Without further ado, my first craft-related post on my new blog.

As you may know, I am way WAY behind in posting actual finished objects. Which is why today I am showing you what I made for Easter. Perhaps you remember Easter this year? Way back in March. Here in Michigan we had a huge snow dump on Good Friday night. There was still snow on the ground and grey in the sky on Easter morning. I was not to be deterred. Number one, I have a long-standing tradition of wearing a new spring dress for Easter. Number two, I actually made this one, so Dude. So gonna wear it, nevermind the 20-degree temps.

Yeah, I pretty much froze my butt off. Or, more accurately, my arms. Still, it was worth it. I LOVE this dress. Love the pattern (so easy! so fresh! so fun!). And most of all, I adore this fabric.

pattern: Simplicity 3744, inspired by Pam’s
fabric: Anna Maria Horner, Chocolate Lollipop
notions: zipper
modifications: didn’t do the little back-tab thingy, didn’t do the decorative top-stitching, and didn’t include the pockets
notes: I went against my intuition and made the size the measurements indicated I should, even though those usually lead me to make things too large. I didn’t want to mess up with this fab fabric, and I figured better too large than too small. It was, of course, too large. By that point, time was really tight, so I cut things in a rush, and maybe a bit, er, approximately. And sure enough, I screwed things up. Specifically the arm holes ended up being two different sizes from each other, and one has quite a gap under my arm. Just between you and me, I actually didn’t finish the armholes (i.e., put in the facings) until, let’s see…. just last week. That’s right, I wore it to church without finished armholes. Twice. But I was able to get away with that because of my secret weapon:

pattern: Glampyre Knits’ One Skein Wonder (Rav link)
yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, Chocolate – YUM – about 2/3 a skein
needles: size 8 Addis
size: 16″
cast on: March 7
bind off: March 14
modifications: none
notes: I’ve been wanting to make one of these for awhile, and this sleeveless dress provided the perfect opportunity (I refuse to wear sleeveless dresses to church, because a) I don’t like my upper arms, and b) I have a tattoo there that I don’t care to be flashing at church, which also happens to be where I work). This pattern was simple and quick, and paired with this yarn it made for a real winner. I’ve worn it lots already (I really like it paired with a brown or black tank top), and I have plans to make more in the future. This is a great gift project. Also, seed stitch? Always yummy.

So the full ensemble looks like this:

I apologize for the pictures not showing better detail. The day I posed for these (a week ago today) it was, once again, ridiculously cold. So I didn’t have good lighting, or a photographer, or the will to keep freezing to get the best shots.

verdict: While the dress is certainly flawed (screwy armholes and a bit wrinkly in the back, which I didn’t realize till I’d loaded the pics onto flickr), overall I am SO pleased with how it turned out. The pattern could not be simpler or more straightforward, and the shape is flattering. I will definitely be making this one again and again. (The pattern includes an option with 3/4 length sleeves, as well as a different neckline).

And despite being ridiculously underclothed for a snowy Easter, I had a wonderful day with a couple of well-dress fellas (their father was equally well-dressed but we didn’t get a shot of the four of us)

(For the record, I am apparently raising an aspiring fashionista, or whatever the male version of that word would be. Little Buddha, above right, picked out his entire Easter ensemble himself. Other mothers are proud when their sons learn to throw or catch. Me? I’m all misty-eyed over my son’s color sense.)

18 thoughts on “Stubborn like that.

  1. It’s funny that you posted this because I’m in the middle of making this same dress! (I’m at the zipper right now.) Did you alter it to make it smaller? It looks like it fits you!

  2. Pardon a momentary focus on geek issues, but here are couple of suggestions re: your Firefox problems with WordPress.

    1) Be sure that you are using the latest version of Firefox (currently I not, go to and download it.

    2) If you have any extensions that you have added to Firefox, disable them and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you can re-enable them one by one to track the culprit.

    3) It might be worthwhile to try a different browser. Apple’s own Safari or Opera are both available for Mac, and you can install them without interfering with your Firefox install. Some web sites are cranky about which browsers they will ‘play nice’ with …

    Just a couple of thoughts. I know return you to your regularly scheduled craft blog … 😎

  3. I’m becoming a sewing stalker of you! I love just about everything you sew (although I had to delay getting the skirt book you recommend; but maybe next month!). I love the dress, love the fabric (matches my new bedroom!), love the shrug. I’ve delayed on making shrugs cause they usually show some skin between the shrug and the dress/top straps and I figured, what’s the point then? But your’s is PERFECT! I’d like another dress pattern–something simple, flattering, and good for a variety of fabrics/events….I’m adding it to my list!!

  4. cute dress! I really need to learn how to sew garments…you can do so many cool things with them! And that matching shrug is adorable and totally convenient for covering up the armhole mishap : )

  5. Hey! I just found your blog — love the sewing, love the knitting. I live in Ann Arbor too and knit. I used to sew and hope to again someday. You are inspiring me. Nice!

  6. Late to the party, but cute!
    If I ever get to knit again, I would love to make one of those shrugs, if not for me, then for my daughter. So adorable!!

  7. I just love that your Easter ensemble was completely handmade! Your dress is gorgeous on you, and the OSW is a perfect accessory for it. Really beautiful work. Congratulations!

  8. I can see why you’d be in love with both of those. Really well done – we’d never know there were “oopsies” on the dress – looks perfect on you.

    Great to know those little darlings are picking up all kinds of great things from Mommy!

  9. I love that dress! Nice work!
    I’m actually in a wedding next weekend and the bride chose those exact colors for our dresses.

    I wish I could sew.

  10. Your dress is wonderful and is making me want to sew again!

    Your boys are adorable! They’ll, eventually, hate the curls just like my son did, but for now, they’re so cute!

    I’m stubborn that way, too. I’ve worn sweaters in 95 degree heat and sundresses in 40 degree cold. Maybe we’re long lost aunt and niece.

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