Tomten, I am done with you. I think.

Let it be known that approximately one year after the Great Tomten Disaster of 2007, I finally managed to complete a Tomten. For those of you who do not keep tabs on the ups-and-downs of my knitterly life, the short version is this: I planned to knit two Tomtens, one for each son. One would be light green trimmed in blue, the other would be blue trimmed in light green. I severely underestimated the amount of yarn I needed (KnitPicks Sierra), and just as I realized that I also discovered that KnitPicks had discontinued – and sold out of – those two colors (approximately two weeks after I had just ordered those colors in what I hadn’t realized was a closeout sale). But then a very generous soul sent me the yarn in the blue I needed. And I decided to harvest the green from my very first sweater. I got started, but didn’t finish before warm weather hit and I lost my enthusiasm. I set it aside for a year and picked it back up last month.

Just in time to complete what shall hereafter be known as the Great Tomten Disaster of 2008. Okay, perhaps “disaster” is a bit of an exaggeration. Given my string of knitting messes lately it might more accurately be labeled “par for the course.”

Actually, the Tomten itself is kind of cute.

pattern: Modular Tomten Jacket, Knitting Without Tears, Elizabeth Zimmermann
yarn: Knit Picks Sierra, in Tide and Lettuce – I have no idea how many skeins
needles: size 9 KP Options
cast on: March 2007
finished: March 2008

But the hood … well, the hood is what could only be described as ginormous.

I’m not sure how it happened, or why I didn’t realize it till I was done, or if anything could be done at this point to correct it. I modified the pattern for the bulky yarn I was using but perhaps I didn’t modify the hood enough? Who knows – I did that part over a year ago. At any rate, by the time I was done with this one, I was too disgusted to pick up the other one and finish it for Tiny Dancer. I need to do major recalculating first. Perhaps next March?

I didn’t bother adding a zipper, because I figured it wasn’t going to get any wear. But then we did this photo shoot. And 43 shots later, I realized something – it actually looks kind of cute on him, ridiculous hood notwithstanding. So I may go back and add a closure after all (current thinking: an added i-cord buttonhole, like this one).

But for now, I leave you with a whole lotta pictures.

17 thoughts on “Tomten, I am done with you. I think.

  1. this is so adorable! The colors are so springy and fun!

    For the hood, would it be possible to sew it smaller? As a novice knitter, sewing is my solution to knitting problems

    I just got my first EZ book, so I’m getting ready to jump on the bandwagon : )

  2. How can you not make one for Tiny Dancer?! This is such a cute Tomten…I NEED to finish mine (you know, now that summer is around the corner).

  3. This is too cute. The pictures with the hood up have a defnite elf/gnome thing going on. He certainly looks like he loves it — totally charming!

  4. cuter and cuter and cuter, he just gets. i love the hood, ginormous though it may be, it looks adorable up. i think the dancer needs one, but i hear you on the wait until cooler weather. now i want to make a pair for my boys (they just turned one today….what?). smiles.

  5. That looks awesome! He’s totally rocking that Totem. Sorry it’s been such a pain in the arse for you, but the final product is very, very cute. I LOVE the pictures of him smelling the daffodils – he looks exactly like a little gnome.

  6. My five yr old is still trying to wear his “only a size 2T in fantasy” hoodie that I knit – take heart and now that big now will be too small in the not too far future. And this boy also had the same “I do my own stunts” tee-shirt. He still asks when he gets his own skate board. I told him, 18.

  7. Those are great photos of a gorgeous boy wearing an adorable sweater. Nothing but good stuff here, to my eyes. I love the hand signs. Didn’t know we were teaching those on the block!

  8. your Totem is cute. and your model is cuter than cute. what an adorable guy! and ack don’t you hate a string of knitting disasters. i’m there now.

  9. I was searching on Ravelry for examples of the gathered pullover in Telemark and found yours. It’s lovely! I’m looking forward to getting started on mine.

    Love the curly hair! (We are a very straight haired family — a variety of colors but very straight.)

    Maybe little backpacks out of the cavas….

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