Canvas Calamity

in which earthchick demonstrates her amazing ability to pay no attention to important details

Allow me to interrupt my string of knit fiascos with a sewing one.

So I wanted to make a Scalloped Blanket (from Bend the Rules) to go with the Baby Surprise Jacket and booties I am making for our Administrative Assistant. The yarn I am using is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in Green Apple (a color exclusive to Angelika’s, which is where I always buy my Lorna’s Laces. Y’alll, Angelika is AWESOME. I once purchased some yarn on a Saturday morning, and it arrived in my mailbox on Monday afternoon – $5 priority shipping. I swear one of these days, I am going to receive my yarn from her before I actually purchase it!). So anyway, I wanted to make a blanket that would coordinate with the lovely lime green, light-to-sunny yellows, creams, and taupe in the yarn. I thought I’d like to do a lime green print that had yellow and light brown accents on one side, and then maybe a taupe flannel on the back. I found the perfect fabric on reprodepot.

Lovely, isn’t it? It arrived Monday.

It looks great with the BSJ.

Guess what? It’s canvas.

That’s right – I ordered canvas to make a baby blanket out of. How on earth did I miss that detail? I thought all the fabric I was ordering was 100% cotton. It is. 100% cotton canvas. And you know what really sucks? This sweet little Japanese print cost me $9 a half yard. Oof.

But it gets worse. Inspired by Nova’s horizontally-striped easy lap quilt (also from Bend the Rules), I decided I’d like to make quilts for my boys, who turn 4 next month. Little Buddha actually helped me pick a couple of the fabrics – all from the “folk tales” section of the children’s section of reprodepot. My boys love fairy tales, and I thought it would be fun to make a storytime-themed quilt (plus, it would make them less likely to always be fighting over using MY quilt!).

Little Buddha was quite taken with the Jack-in-the-Beanstalk fabric, as was I. I also found this super-cute Gingerbread Man fabric (another obsession of his), as well as a Goldilocks and the Three Bears fabric and a general “fairy tales” fabric (Little Red Riding Hood, Puss-in-Boots, etc.) which I was going to use for the back. I thought I’d get solids in lime green, red, and a third yet-to-be-determined color (possibly bright blue).

But guess what, again? Half of these fabrics are canvas as well. ARGH. And they’re the cutest ones – the Jack-in-the-Beanstalk and the Gingerbread Man. I am SO disappointed.

So. I’ve already picked out alternate fabric (from Joann’s) for the Scalloped Blanket. But I’m back to the drawing board for the other two prints for the lap quilt. And now I’m taking suggestions. What would you make with canvas fabric (1 yard each)? I don’t want to do tote bags, I don’t think. I’ve thought of messenger bags (with this print fabric as an accent). A friend mentioned aprons for the boys, which I thought was a fantastic idea. Would this fabric work as a bucket hat? What else do you make with canvas? I just thought I’d make myself a whole list of options, so that I won’t feel so bad for having struck out with the quilt. Then when I get the chance (and the inspiration) to make something from canvas, I’ll be all set.

Also, the little honey bear fabric I’m probably not going to use for anything. If anyone out there wants to trade for it, I’m wide open.

* now back to my previously scheduled knitting fiascos *

17 thoughts on “Canvas Calamity

  1. I did the same thing! I’ve been collecting train fabrics for a quilt for my 3 year old and I managed to not notice it was canvas. And it’s the cutest one of the lot!

    I haven’t quite decided what to do with it.. I was thinking a fabric bucket or box. I’ve seen quite a few tutorials out there for that sort of thing. Maybe to keep the quilt in. Ha.

  2. What I find amusing is that the fabric in the photo of the reading pillow is the same pattern as one of the ones you bought (with a different background colour). Is it a sign?

    I’ve only started sewing – made my first item at the weekend, a shopping bag, also broke my first sewing machine needle and squished my finger for the first time by putting it in the wrong place (just under where the screw that holds the needle in is, ouch!) – so don’t have any suggestions other than perhaps to make a bag to keep sewing/knitting stuff in. As I say, I’m only a beginner, but I suspect I will always want more bags to keep different projects in. πŸ™‚

  3. Bucket hat sounds good. Belts, maybe? Crayon holders. Little wee bags with zippers for boys stuff. A wallet? A WALLET! Obviously you’ve got my wheels turning….I want a wallet, yet I have no canvas!

  4. How about backing them with some towels to make into beach towels or picnic rugs, adding little handles and ties, so the smalls can carry their own>

  5. Those canvas fabrics would make awesome MTs (Mei Tai) baby carrier! You might not be wearing your sons, but they also make great gifts and are pretty easy to sew!

  6. ha! But I mean that nicely! We have all done that before with something! I did that once with beads- thought I was getting a good deal on some awesome beadS. But it turned out to be for individual beads! The were cute- and big! Oh well! I learned and got a couple good pendants out of them.

  7. Bummer. On the bright side at least you’ll be able to make something else with the groovy canvas fabrics πŸ™‚

  8. I suppose it’s too soon for the boys to have their own knitting bags… But only by a year or so…

  9. I second the changing pad idea.

    I only buy fabric in person, because I want to feel it first,thus preventing me from doing what you did! πŸ™‚

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