The Thing I Said I’d Never Do

Yeah. It got me.

Spin in Color Kit – Ashford Spindle plus 4 oz. hand-dyed fiber –
from Pancake and Lulu
A Christmas present from my boys,
who like to hold my yarn while I knit and call it “helping you make yarn.”
Maybe someday they actually can
(help me make yarn, that is).

I have a LOT to learn (as evidenced by that big fat single you see in progress there), and sadly not much time to learn it (this picture is actually from January, and I haven’t done much since then).
But I love it enough that I’m hooked.

8 thoughts on “The Thing I Said I’d Never Do

  1. oh no. have we non-spinners lost you, too? (please know that it’s nothing personal, but i almost never read spinning-related posts all the way to the end, and even less often comment on them.)

  2. oh no! I have vowed not to try spinning, because I’m sure I’ll get addicted

    That yarn is so pretty and colorful and I’ve heard lots of good things about the Ashford spindles. Enjoy!

  3. It looks so fun! I said I wouldn’t spin as well… I haven’t caught the bug yet and I hope I don’t. It looks addicting. =)

  4. BTDT!
    haven’t picked it up in a while though, as what I made was so fat I couldn’t really knit wiht yours is pretty!

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