Cobblestone: In Action and 100% Jelly-Free

So I heeded your suggestions that I let the boy wear the sweater, and I’m happy to say that so far no wool has been harmed. The sweater even survived a milkshake incident. A few action shots:

5 thoughts on “Cobblestone: In Action and 100% Jelly-Free

  1. It is just so good. I’ve already swatched for mine, though there’s no way I’ll be able to knit it for at least another month or three, and probably not until fall.

  2. What a perfect sweater! I think I need to find myself a young boy your son’s age to knit that sweater for. It’s great to hear that the sweater survived all the messes a young boy could cause. I can’t wait to see his brother’s sweater!

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