In Service of Procrastination

Saturday is writing day, which usually means I find multiple outlets for procrastination. When I saw this on a friend’s blog, I couldn’t resist.

104 words

Speed test

Dude. I knew I typed on the fast side, but I really had no idea. Is it okay to be a little impressed with myself?

It would be nice if this speed could translate into faster knitting, but I guess it won’t as long as I have my quirky continental style, where I use my left hand much more than my right, though I’m right-handed.

Try out the test and see how you do. And how fast do you feel your knitting is in comparison?

In other news, thanks, y’all, for your many sweet comments about my February Baby Sweater set. You guys were so cute getting all indignant that it only sold for $50. But I was actually pretty pleased. Because almost everything at this silent auction was a steal. Bidding on everything started at half the value, which is how I got a solid wood child’s table and chairs for $83 when it was valued at $150. So my little baby set was valued (by the auctioneer) at $100. I kind of gulped when I realized that would put the opening bid at $50, because I know that is steep compared to what someone can buy non-handmade baby goods for. I thought it wouldn’t sell at all, but at the last minute, a knitter friend of mine swooped in and nabbed it. It made me happy that someone who knows the real value of a handknit ended up with the set.

Now go take the typing test and tell me your thoughts about knit speed versus typing speed!

7 thoughts on “In Service of Procrastination

  1. I fall in at 47 WPM. I’m dissapointed, though considering a C- in typing class (and that was almost 20 years ago), really should I be? Your WPM in amazing. Super fast. Procrastination rocks! Loved it, have you seen this: This site tests your vocab knowledge.

  2. I SO needed some procrastination today, thanks! I got 101 words per minute, with one word wrong. I wonder if it’s better to take the time to backspace and fix a word or just have it wrong? like, where’s the over/under for errors? 🙂

    I’m crazy speedy knitting, too, and though right-handed I knit continental–SO much faster than knitting English for me. I mostly hold the yarn with my left but the “action” happens with the right needle.

  3. Only 83 wpm. But I was doing other things…maybe I will try it again later. My knitting is so slow, it borders on pathetic. I am thinking of trying to learn to knit continental to correct this…

  4. I am still wondering about what constitutes “continental style” knitting. I am Dutch, have lived in the Netherlands all my life. Everybody I know knits with one needle in their right armpit, moves the yarn with the right-hand index finger and holds the left needle in their left hand, so the left hand does practically nothing. I myself am left-handed and have no problem at all with knitting this way.
    It could be that you put too much strain on your muscles? I do simple exercises after knitting for a while to prevent RSI.

    Happy knitting,


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