Down to the Wire

yesterday: I finished knitting the shawl
this morning: I spent an hour and a half using 250 pins trying to block it, leaving an unfortunate mess, scalloped in some places, biased in others
this afternoon: I went out and purchased a set of blocking wires. In less than half the time it took me to block with pins, I got everything blocked out on the wires (new toy = love).
tonight: I must finish seaming and grafting this
tomorrow: it will take its turn on the wires
Thursday: we leave for the wedding

Down to the wire. That’s how I roll.

2 thoughts on “Down to the Wire

  1. Congratulations on finishing (and finishing on time)! =) Can’t wait to see the finished product. Blocking wires seem so cool, I think I’ll have to buy some for myself.

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