Rainbow of Happiness, Pot O’ Golden Disappointment

But not in that order. Better to end on a happy note, yes? But first, that Golden Disappointment:

Gothic Leaf Stole (a Sivia Harding design)
in progress

So I have 16 repeats done, 8 to go, and the wedding is in 2.5 weeks (yes, I seem to prefer a race to the finish). I am very happy with how it is turning out, and can’t wait to wear it with my bridesmaid dress. However, I have known from the beginning that I didn’t have enough yarn. I bought the megahank (600m/650 yds) of Sea Silk on a whim at Knit Nouveau (a place I absolutely adore) in Birmingham, Alabama. I had no idea what I was going to make at that point, just that I loved the yarn, so I snagged some. After an intensive Ravelry search, I decided to go with the Gothic Leaf Stole, though the pattern calls for 1000 yards. At first I thought I would make it narrower than the pattern so I could have it still be long enough. Then I decided to knit it as written, and simply buy more Sea Silk. I should’ve known better. The hank arrived today (ordered from oneplanetyarnandfiber.com) and while it is certainly pretty it does not compare to the original yarn in shade, variation, or luster. Perhaps it will look better once it is wound, and maybe it will match up better than I fear. But I am disappointed that I have put so much effort into this only to have it compromised by my own poor planning (I guess the only way to avoided this would have been to shell out the money for the 2 megahanks at the time – without knowing what I wanted them for – or to have made the shawl narrower, as I originally intended). My choices now seem to be:
1 – keep going and hope the yarn isn’t as obvious a mismatch as I’m afraid
2 – stop when I run out of the original yarn, and call it a shawlette (am thinking I have enough for maybe 2 more repeats at most – so less than 50″ in length, rather than 73″, not quite the dramatic evening accessory I had in mind)
3 – go ahead and start the new yarn, alternating with the old yarn, in hopes that the difference will be a little more camouflaged if it’s a gradual change
4 – call Knit Nouveau in Alabama and ask if they still have the other megahank, from 3 months ago, and then pay for it to be shipped, quick-like….

What would you do?

In unrelated but spectacularly disappointing news, we heard back from the data recovery place in California today. They cannot retrieve any data at all from My Old Man’s hard drive. Nothing. Not his manuscript. Not his book notes. Not his quote file. Not his reflections following Little Buddha’s accident. He is taking it like a champ, but WOW. Seriously unpleasant news.

But I did get a little rainbow in the mail today. I simply couldn’t resist:

Color-Wheel Quilt Bundle
from Purl

Because when I dream, I dream big….

11 thoughts on “Rainbow of Happiness, Pot O’ Golden Disappointment

  1. I’d start with 4, then go to 3 if it doesn’t work out. That is terrible about your dh’s computer. I’m going to make a point to back up everything important on my computer within the next week. And, wow, that fabric is so dreamy! I can’t wait to see your quilt!

  2. I say option 3 or 4.
    Megahanks of Sea Silk sound expensive! I was gonna buy a hank over the summer but stopped when I saw it was $40. o_O
    I know how your DH feels. Similar computer related things have happened to me many, many times over the years. For some strange reason I STILL don’t back up my files.
    The colors for your quilt are magnificent! I can’t wait to see it in progress. ^_^

  3. First, I’m so sorry about the writing your husband has lost! Amazing that he can be a good sport about it.
    I would be calling the place in Birmingham, but I’m just like that.

  4. #4. Even if you blended in the new skein in the middle, the ends would likely be substantially different.

    Sorry about the computer, and thanks for the reminder to back up my data NOW. 🙂

  5. Oh, it’s so beautiful! I love the color. What a bummer about the lack of yarn. I say it can’t hurt to call the place and see if they have any left…

    Your poor DH! I think I would be a wreck!

  6. Man, that’s a difficult call. I think I would have to complete the project with the new yarn, if a perfect match couldn’t be found, and hope that the difference isn’t noticeable.

    The computer saga is too painful to imagine. Big hug to the man, who takes it like a man!

  7. Oh wow, those are some unhappy disappointments. 😦 😦 😦 I admire your resilience that you can be cheered up by the rainbow quilt blocks. Yes, they’re wonderful, but in the face of mega lost data and mega yarn shortage? That would test the optimism of even the cheeriest among us.

  8. I am SO sorry for your hubby’s hard drive. Ouch. I don’t know if its worthwhile but I could give you the contact info for the guy who rescued mine.

    This stole is beeeeeaaaautiful!!!

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