Wins and Whims

So blogland has been very good to me lately, and I have been remiss not to post the goods till now. Last month, I won two contests in the span of about two weeks, and I still can’t believe my good fortune. First, I won the Bee Fields Shawl pattern and this drool-worthy yarn, from Cara.

Socks that Rock, laceweight, in Oregon Red Clover Honey

This picture does not do it justice. The pics over at Cara’s place are much better (if you know Cara’s photography, you will realize I just stated the obvious). I don’t know when I’ll work up the nerve (or carve out the time) to actually attempt this pattern, but I do occasionally pull out this gorgeous hank just to bury my face in it and sniff it. Oh, admit it, you would do the same if it were yours.

As if the knitblog gods had not smiled on me enough already, I then promptly won Ashley’s Birthday Blogstravaganza. The package was amazing, put together by three very rockin’ bloggers, who all had mid-August birthdays. This awesomest of t-shirts was made by Christy NotHip. See a much better pic here.

You likey?
Then you can order one of your own right here.
It has already become my favorite t-shirt.
I really, really love it.

And then there was more Socks the Rock, from Ashley.

Socks that Rock, lightweight, in Moonstone
I really love this color – light blue with silvery grey yumminess.
Yeah, definitely more socks in my future.

I’ve never knit with STR before, and I’m really looking forward to feeling the love!

Next up was this amazing little clutch, handmade by Ashley:

I LOVE this clutch!!!
It makes me so happy!!!
I love the colors!
I love the linen!
I love the big red button!!
This happy clutch makes me want to talk in exclamation points all the time!!!!
Also, in the clutch were some embroidery patterns and a beautiful assortment of embroidery floss from Julie Frick, (who just brought into the world this adorable little Fricklet)
I don’t have pics of the pattern and floss to show, but I’ll show some embroidery once I do it (one of the patterns was sea creatures, which would look super-cute on some small towels in our sea-themed bathroom)

After all that blogland booty, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy toward the blogiverse. So much goodness and generosity, and not the first time it’s been heaped on me this year.

I wanted to give a little tiny something back – that’s how my newest little hobby started. Next thing I knew, I had an almost full-blown addiction: stitch markers! People, a bead shop is just as much of a vortex as a knit shop. For a couple of nights, all I wanted to do was make stitch markers. I began imagining my etsy shop. Ooh, not just stitch markers – I’d make earrings, too! And bracelets! And necklaces! I would get rich off all the beautiful beadwork I would sell! Fortunately, I was able to dial things down a bit before I actually sank too much money into yet another avocation. Still, I’m a little pleased with myself.

for Christy

for Julie

for Ashley

Ashley’s right.
Blue and red together do rule.
(Now I’m totally thinking I need to make some coral and turqoise earrings like these stitch markers to wear around town with my fancy new clutch).

for Cara
(you know, to keep with the bee theme)
(these haven’t been sent yet
because I am still planning to make one dangly one as a round marker)

I still have plans to make more, for the other good folks out there who have sent me awesome packages this year.

But first! A contest! Coming soon! Tomorrow, I hope!!
(yep, you guessed it, I’m holding my little red and blue clutch! can’t turn the exclamation points off! see you tomorrow!!!)

8 thoughts on “Wins and Whims

  1. Oh, earrings for sure! Those gorgeous beads deserve to be seen 🙂

    Thanks again, girlie–I’m glad the universe is making up for your scare with Little Buddha!

  2. Don’t you love Blogland? And I totally believe in Blog Karma. Good stuff out, good stuff in, in a wonderful, continuous circle.

    So, if you like embroidery, can I give a plug for my sister’s work blog? Plimoth Plantation is re-creating a 17th-century embroidered jacket. I don’t understand most of what she talks about regarding the process, but if you embroider, you might. Plus, the pictures are so pretty…. here’s the link. (I hope this doesn’t seem like spam. It’s not meant to.)

  3. Wow, you really are lucky! What beautiful stuff!

    I do the same thing anytime I start doing something new. I have my whole website and new business ideas planned out before I ever finish making one of anything! If you were to actually set up an Etsy shop, I’d be first in line for some of your stitch markers.

  4. Okay, I think you win at being winner. Look at all those fantastic prizes, I’m particularly impressed with the tee. The stitch-markers look great, looking forward to seeing your etsy store (thinking positive thoughts).

  5. Ah, one’s own Etsy shop. I hear its siren call with dangerous frequency. Your stitch markers are mighty cute, though — you just might have to go through with it.

    Great loot!!!! (Wow, now that I’m thinking about the clutch, I’M writing in exclamation points too!!1!!!)

    **OK, this is Rachel again, but I’m logged into another Blogger account on this computer and I’m too lazy to log out and re-log in. Please please please allow non-Blogger comments!**

  6. Thanks so much for the stitch markers (I meant to email you sooner). I’m loving them, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying the shirt.

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