Happy Scholastics!

When Tiny Dancer announced to the mentally ill homeless man at our church that he and Little Buddha would be starting school this week, the man shook both boys’ hands and said, “Happy scholastics!” He also said, “Don’t step in dog sh*t.” Which is, of course, good advice both for preschool and for life. But I digress. “Happy scholastics” has seemed to me a delightful and perfect wish for two little boys embarking on the first day of many years of formal education. Today was that day.

Little Buddha and Tiny Dancer, ready for the new school year.

I found out at their orientation meeting a couple of weeks ago that they were required to use totebags for school instead of backpacks. This seemed to me a perfect excuse to make bags for them, even though the school had some for sale. It also seemed to me the perfect excuse to finally invest in some superbuzzy fabric. I let the boys each choose their own.

Little Buddha went with cars.
I am crazy about this print.

Tiny Dancer went with a vintage-looking train print.

And I went with my first Simple Sewing Project.

I could not be more pleased with the results.

Once I got all the pieces cut, these came together amazingly quickly. After doing Tiny Dancer’s, I realized how flimsy these things felt with lightweight cotton. So for Little Buddha’s, I added fusible interfacing to the bag and then added a lining. To remind myself of how to do a lining, I referred to this great super eggplant tutorial. It seems only fitting that the first fabric I’ve ever bought from superbuzzy would be used in a tote bag, when her tote bag tutorial is how I first found her site. (which is actually strange, given how many of the blogs I now read rave about superbuzzy fabric, but back when I was first looking for a tote tute I guess I wasn’t reading those blogs yet).

Once I did Little Buddha’s lining, I really couldn’t resist adding a little pocket, to hold a tiny car.

Little Buddha liked the bag so much, he asked to sleep with it last night. I like the lining and pocket so much that I intend to go back and do the same for Tiny Dancer’s bag as well; I just ran out of time for that before school started.

Verdict on this pattern? It’s super. Super-fast, super-easy, super-fun. But I definitely will continue to supplement it with interfacing, lining, and probably pockets. Next time, I may try using cotton flannel for the interfacing, as suggested in Bend-the-Rules Sewing.

Happy Scholastics, boys!

19 thoughts on “Happy Scholastics!

  1. No rave review for Tiny Dancer’s fabric choice (which I happen to think is adorable)? I’ll just have to offer it myself. I think it’s completely darling and suggests a subtle yet refined taste. šŸ™‚

    Why on earth no backpacks? Not that I would have wanted to deprive you of the tote-bag-making experience, but I am at a loss as to why the rule exists.

  2. yay for the first day of school! they look so sweet with their wonderful tote bags. i was eyeing that same fabric at superbuzzy this weekend šŸ™‚ so cute! and i agree about the lining and interfacing on these… i was wondering why lotta didn’t line hers in the book but i bet they will be much sturdier!

  3. mmm, i want to kiss their adorable scholastic cheeks. the bags are super…i love the fabrics. it is so great to see them so happy about the simple pleasures in life. smiles.

  4. I so enjoy your blog. The tote bags remind me of the pillowcases I used to make my kids and their friends. We’d always find some fabric related to whatever they were “into” at the time and it made sleeptime even more fun. Easy project too.

  5. If those two little ones are not the cutest!!!

    I wonder why no bookbags also. Interesting. Please tell us who deal with bookbags why!

    I LOVE the fabrics!

  6. There are notwords to describe the cuteness, of the boys and their bags! Happy scholastics is a wonderful term that I may steal for use with babygirl when she embarks on that journey (tears already starting!)

  7. You are a far better parent than I am. Before John Francis started kindergarten I just went to REI and bought him a backpack…

    Those bags are really nifty, and look easily as nice and as functional as the ones they sell at Rainbow Foods to keep you from using the plastic ones.


    P.S. I cried pretty much all day on John Francis’ first day of school. He had a blast, but was a bit disconcerted to learn that it wasn’t just a one-day thing.

  8. I hope their first, second and third days were fantastic! Happy Scholastics! Love that. I love those totes too, I should make a few of those…I do have the book afterall.

  9. Ah. We had the same rule in preschool as well (no backpacks) and I kind of liked it. Nothing could ferment down in the nether regions…

    Joyous scholastics to all of you (minus the dogpiles, of course)


  10. Your boys are SOOO darling! And I covet all that beautiful curly hair. I’ll never have a curly hair on my head – no perm in the world will make my hair curl. And those bags – so darling. Lucky boys! I just love the first day of school… and the last šŸ™‚

  11. i tried to get a little caught up, but now am being pulled back to work so didnt’ get to read all of this, just have to say i ALWAYS love seeing pics of you and those boys and am so envious of your handiwork with a machine! i will learn some day dang it!!!!

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