Delayed Graftification

Earlier in the week, I wrote this: The Lace Leaf Pullover I cast on for 16 days ago? It’s done except the grafting (which I hope to do tonight). That sound you heard when you read it was the maniacal laughter of the knitting gods and goddesses. “Tonight” has turned into “all week long.”

do the math:

136 stitches on top
+ 136 stitches on bottom
x working the yarn through each stitch twice
x 3 feet of yarn in attempt to do the kitchener with only one piece of yarn
– at least 2 dropped stitches
+ ridiculous expectations about how the time/space continuum works
= copious amounts of cussing and hair-tearing,
not to mention one very obvious seam

Yeah. Looks like I’ll be ripping back to about the 10th stitch and starting all over again.
But not tonight.

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