Back When I Still Sewed: a Hat and a Hat

So in June I also made some hats! I feel like that needs an exclamation point because these were very! fun! hats!

Planning for the beach, I had this vision of myself in my bathing suit, a wrap, big sunglasses, and a big beachy hat. The wrap was a bust, the sunglasses got broken, and the wind always blew off my hat. At least my bathing suit was super-cute. But you are so not going to see pictures of me in it.

pattern: Amy Butler Blue Sky Hat
fabric: you guessed it – basic cotton from JoAnn’s
black for the exterior and a sweet little flower print for the interior
made: one afternoon in June
modifcations: different prints for exterior and interior – I wanted a black hat to match my black swimsuit, but I didn’t want it to look too much like a witch’s hat
verdict: this was a fun and surprisingly simple pattern. I did have difficulty sewing through three layers of canvas, though, even with my heaviest needle. In retrospect, I wish I had done the whole hat in the floral fabric. I’ve decided I don’t care for the two-tone look in this hat, plus the floral fabric is so sweet. At least I have enough left over to make a top out of now.
I mean, if I ever use my machine again.

The hat was so fun and came together so quickly that I decided to make another one to match my blue swimsuit. Since I’d had trouble sewing the canvas, I went with heavy fusible web this time instead.

pattern: Amy Butler Blue Sky Hat
fabric: bright blue cotton batik
made: one afternoon in June
modifications: used heavyweight fusible web instead of canvas
verdict: I love this fabric and like that the hat is the same on exterior and interior. The fusible web was definitely much easier to sew than the canvas, but the results were not as good. It has a much cheaper feel to it, and blew off even more easily than the other.

In random kindness news, sweet Mer named me as a

I was honored to be included among the rockin’ blogs she listed. Thanks, Mer! What comes around goes around, so it’s my turn to name some rockin’ girl bloggers. Like Mer said, this has been going around for awhile and it’s hard to remember who all has already been tagged, but here are just a few girl bloggers I think rock:

These are just a very few rockin’ girl bloggers, and only from the craft world, (and I intentionally left out those who I already know someone else has tagged). But you know, I think all you readers rock, so you should all consider yourselves tagged (guys, too!).

4 thoughts on “Back When I Still Sewed: a Hat and a Hat

  1. That hat is adorable. I’ll have to add it to my list titled “Amy Butler Patterns I Totally Want To Make but Am Kind Of Too Chicken To.”

    And I don’t know the other two bloggers on your list, but I am happy to confirm that Rachel, Minty and Nova are all extremely rockin; 🙂

  2. Those ARE very fun hats! I actually really like the black/floral. I think the all-over floral might be a bit…um, somethingy. In a way that isn’t as nice as what you made. (How’s that for eloquent specificity?)

    Thanks for naming me a Rockin’ Blogger, given that I barely blog anymore!

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