Rainy Days and Mondays

Is it just me, or is an autumnal wind blowing through the knitblog community these days? I think I am not the only one who is already thinking fall, a month before the season officially begins. Of course, where I am, it actually does feel – and look – like fall already.

Most of the year, I knit in a chair the living room, but in the summer, when it’s finally warm enough, I move to our (poorly insulated) back room, where I can knit while I watch the sun rise over our backyard. But this is the view today:

60 degrees, overcast, with thunderstorms on-and-off

So can I really be blamed for this:

donning thick, handknit socks
using Cozy as a lap blanket
putting my feet up,
and setting aside all my other WIPs for….

a fall sweater

I cast on this weekend for the Lace Leaf Pullover, in KnitPicks Decadence (color – chocolate!). I love a thick brown sweater for fall. Because this yarn is more of a heavy worsted than the bulky the pattern calls for, I am having to do significant recalculating (I had hoped that I could just knit the largest size and have it fit, but with my gauge that would’ve put the finished chest at about 29″ and, well, that won’t work). So far, my calculations seem to be working out fine (and I actually like the sweater at a smaller gauge than in the book), but I’m debating whether to continue working from the pattern and just keep recalculating stitch count or veer completely from the pattern and continue to knit from the bottom up. (Those of you familiar with the pattern will know that it’s a tad unusual – you do the bottom from the bottom and the top from the top and then you graft them together in the middle.) I have to decide in about two inches….

Thanks for the great suggestions about the Chevron Scarf. I have set it aside temporarily and am mulling over my options – y’all gave me some great ones.

So, what about you? Are you leaning towards fall? What fall knits have your attention these days?

10 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. The lace leaf pullover is so much fun! You’ll love it. Yeah, it feels fall like here too. I’m trying to get my SKB finished in time for the cool weather parties.

  2. Oh, yes, it feels like fall here, too. The rain is dumping!

    I’ve always loved the lace leaf pullover. I remember a thread about it on Craftster. You might do a little searching… someone posted a chart they made with which one could continue the sweater completely bottom up and knit the leaf “upside down” as a way to avoid the whole grafting situation.

    Keep cozy!!

  3. You look so cozy! what a nice way to spend the day 🙂 it is raining and cool here too – not typical August weather.

    Great looking sweater. I love brown so much!

  4. You have made my entire day by wearing the socks! LOL I’m looking forward to fall also, and it is cold and rainy in Montana as well. Thank goodness!

    Fall knitting? More thick warm wool socks. I got into bed last night, and my husband yelped when my feet touched his. Not my fault he is so darn warm!

  5. I think I’m the only knitter in all of knit-dom that is NOT looking forward to fall. I was severely bummed the past two days with all the rain we had (I’m in Michigan too)

  6. Hmm, I never really get to think about fall knits. Just a few months out of the year, unfortunately! But I love that leaf pullover! I’d just continue to knit the whole thing in one piece, but that’s just because I personally wouldn’t want to fiddle with the grafting.

  7. It’s chilly for sure isn’t it? I think fall is just around the corner – all my summer knitting has been tossed aside.

    Congrats on the winning btw – I think you’re right, we are competing with each other on the wins.

  8. Thanks for reminding me there is such a thing as fall. We’ve pushed 100 every day for nearly three weeks and I am very much ready for cooler weather.


  9. You are a MUUUUUUCH more advanced knitter than I, and I just love looking at what you are doing! Gorgeousness!

    I’m just looking forward to finishing my garter stitch scarf for the homeless shelter (and maybe doing another?)

    LOL, I followed a link from this post to Knitty, and it won’t let me go! I’m traaaapppped in Knitty.com! I must go home and knit at once!


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