How on earth does one go back to blogging about crafts and such after a dramatic, traumatic, life-changing event? I don’t know. I’m just going to do it. So. Onward.


My pal, blogless Kathy in Montana, sent me an awesome package. A heavenly bar of French soap, a bag of delicious wild huckleberry muffin mix (all devoured by my fellas and me within 24 hours of my making the muffins), and a gorgeous (and perfectly-fitting) pair of socks!

Basketweave Rib pattern, from Sensational Knitted Socks
Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, in Mountain Twilight
I love these socks.

It was really hard to get an accurate picture of these, because the yarn is this yummy dark purple with just small flecks of chocolate and pink in it. In fact, in the picture above, you can see more color variation than you can actually see with the naked eye. I love how subtle the colors are, because the truth is, as much as I enjoy seeing other people’s wild and fun socks, I really am not a bright colors kind of person.

I have never used this sock yarn before, but it is SO soft and SO cushiony (it’s got a bit of mohair in it). By yesterday, I couldn’t stand it any more – I had to order myself some – same colorway. I’ve decided this yarn would be perfect for Cathy’s socks (I’ll save the great eggplant yarn for some lacey socks for myself, I think). And because I am no match for the power of suggestion, I finally caved and got myself Sensational Knitted Socks, too. (thank you, LYS gift card from Mother’s Day) (and thank you, Ravelry bookshelf, for keeping track of my knitting books, and graciously letting me know when I have added something to my queue which requires a new book!)

Kathy, you rock! Thanks for the awesome socks!!!

4 thoughts on “Onward.

  1. Those socks are beautiful! That’s one sock book I don’t have yet, I’m trying to get through the socks in the ones I already have before buying more. Wonder how long that will last?
    What a great box of goodies!

  2. Just discovered your blog via Ashley at Dogged. As a mother of a 17-month old, my heart broke for you as I read your story. I can only imagine how awful those 5 minutes must have been. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Good luck getting back to “normal.” Happy knitting!

  3. Whew, I’m so glad they fit! Life has been crazy here, with wildfires and all, I hadn’t had a chance to send you and email. So glad everyone liked the muffins as well! I’m addicted to Mountain Colors Bearfoot. You will be too! LOL

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