How to have a happy celebration: lessons learned at the beach

1. Be prepared.

2. Try new things.
Hold hands if necessary.

3. Start the festivities with a nap.
Preferably with other people.

4. Add some sparkle.

5. Write your name in lights.

6. Look super-cute.
Matchiness optional.

7. Get a little nutty.

8. Sleep like you’ve earned it.
You have.

Hope you had a happy 4th, however you celebrated!

9 thoughts on “How to have a happy celebration: lessons learned at the beach

  1. Wow! Looks like fun is being had by all of you! My 4 year old fell asleep at the fireworks! The 3 year old ooohhed and aahhed through the whole thing! Keep haveing a fun vacation!

  2. Wow, awesome photos! The second photo under #4 is my favorite, although they all capture that wonderful midsummer feeling I remember from my childhood. Sigh.

  3. those boys of yours are just about the sweetest things i have ever viewed. i love the napping pictures, all tuckered out. and the haircut is awesome, i have been seriously entertaining the possibility of chopping off a few feet of hair. i might have to photoshop my face into your do to see how it looks. love all the sewing too!

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