She’s not.

So last month, I posted about a shirt I made that I feared would cause people to ask the question, “Is she or isn’t she?” (pregnant, that is). Nancy, whose version of the shirt (Built by Wendy, Simplicity pattern 4111) was the one that first inspired me to give it ago, agreed that this pattern tends to give that look. She told me that she thought it worked best with really light materials. I also got great advice from Deborah (on Wardrobe Refashion) to look at the finished measurements of patterns, rather than automatically using what the pattern suggests is my size based on my measurements. This is the single most helpful advice I have gotten since someone showed me how to thread my machine. So with Nancy’s advice, I chose a gauzy embroidered white cotton fabric. With Deborah’s advice, I ended up going down two sizes. The result?

My favorite thing I’ve ever made.

And look – it doesn’t even look like a maternity shirt.

This was honestly the most gratifying project I’ve done to date. One really awesome part was that several people complimented my top without knowing I had made it. Of course my enthuasiastic response to such compliments was a bit over-the-top. The day after I made it, My Old Man and I took CJ out for her 30th birthday. I got dressed and came downstairs right after our babysitter got there. Here’s how the conversation went as soon as she saw me.
babysitter: I love your top!
me: I MADE IT!!!
(twirl around)
babysitter: Really?
babysitter: Wow. Cute buttons.
babysitter: Cute.

I might have used more exclamation points than that.
I guess I’m kind of lucky she didn’t leave after that.

Honestly, though, it was really cool to feel like something I made looked just as good as some of my favorite bought things in my closet.

pattern: Simplicity #4111, Built by Wendy
fabric: thin embroidered white cotton, from JoAnn (non-machine washable)
notions: super-cute buttons on clearance at Hancock’s
modifications: none
verdict: I think it’s obvious. I’m kind of crazy about it.
I did learn, though, why it’s important to follow the directions when they say to stitch the armholes and then stitch them again. By the time we got home that night, I had a little hole in one of the underarms.

Isn’t this fabric dreamy?

My favorite part.

As you can see, I’m pretty dang happy with it.
(Or am I laughing at the fact that over my head is the caption, in Italian: Chicken! Soup!)

14 thoughts on “She’s not.

  1. Yay! The laughing picture! I love that top. 🙂 Any chance you could zip over those b’day pics? Seriously, they’re the best pictures taken of me in a long time. You’re a genius with that camera.

    I’ve been working on my meme but don’t have it done yet…I have to weed through all of the random things about me!

  2. First, I love the dialogue with teh exclamation points.
    Second, is it weird that every time I comment here I say how cute you are? Maybe sometimes it’s your boys or your sewing or knitting.

  3. Wow, the sizing really did make a difference. It’s so cute!!! It deserves several exclamation points. 😉

  4. I am so impressed with your sewing! I think I might copy off you and try to make that shirt for myself. I’m not sure I’m brave enough – it looks kind of tricky! The buttonholes alone seem pretty daunting.

  5. I would have completely been as excited as you when talking about a top like that. It’s so pretty, and yes – the buttons are per-HER-fect.

  6. Hey-

    Have you ever thought of opening an online clothes shop? I know that I would TOTALLY order things from you. Especially with all your cute tops and skirts.

  7. My goodness, you’ve been very busy with the sewing haven’t you!! That top looks fantastic on you, no wonder it’s your fave. I’m also loving the cute skirt and striped shirt – I’m very impressed.

  8. Okay, you’re sort of making me want to take up sewing, which I thought could never happen. That top looks wonderful! I love your description of someone complimenting it – definitely made me laugh. I think I’d be the same way.

  9. I’m totally making this shirt and am so glad that I ran across your blog. I wouldn’t have even thought to look at the finished garment measurements. SO a question. When you look at the finished measurements, do you look at the bust one and do you go up a inch on that, to choose?

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