Nova rocks, y’all. A couple of weeks ago, she held a little contest – the question was which anniversary she and her husband were celebrating. Well, I guessed wrong. But she sent me a gift anyway, because my comment made her laugh. How freakin’ cool is that? Not to mention how generous. Really, how many times in your life do you get something nice just because you made someone giggle? When I opened my mail on Saturday, this is what I found:

Dude. I had to snap this pic quick because I knew about half this stuff would be gone before the day we out! In addition to a beautiful little handwritten card, Nova sent me some yummy taffy (called Dewar’s, which led My Old Man to believe it might have Scotch in it, which it thankfully did not, not that My Old Man got to try and piece and see), a Crunch bar (! I love Crunch!), and Green & Black Organic Chocolate bar – dark chocolate with orange (!! I LOVE dark chocolate with orange!!!), and – the one thing that won’t be gone by the end of today – a skein of Misti Alpaca laceweight yarn in the most delicious red color.

Isn’t it beautiful? I think it wants to be the Swallowtail Shawl (click here to see Minty’s gorgeous version). I think something just got added to my summer knit list! I’m a little obsessed with lace right now, so this is really perfect timing.

Thank you, Nova!!!! You are so generous and kind! (and I’m not the only one she was generous with – check out Rachel’s equally extravagant gifts, also for making Nova laugh) I have to say that being the recipient of such a great package makes me inclined to do a contest of my own, and soon. I’d already been pondering it, but now I’m really wanting to spread the love. Stay tuned….

I know that last time I promised another sewing FO would be right up (I know you’ve been holding your breath all weekend), but I haven’t gotten just the right shot of it yet. In the meantime, I finished two more sewing projects. Perhaps I’m a tad manic with the machine. (and yet I still can’t keep up with all my ideas and goals.) But I’m trying to crank out several pieces of clothing for my summer vacation, which starts at the end of the month (plus I know that once I leave, it will be a few weeks before I get to use my machine again). I signed up for another 6 months (6 months!!) of the Wardrobe Refashion, so if it’s not shoes, undergarments, or a bathing suit, I’m having to make it myself!

4 thoughts on “SuperNova

  1. that is a gift worthy of a laugh and a sweet tooth. ah, lace, how i love it. i was thinking about lace the other day as i have yet to finish my mom’s print o’ the waves by eunny. it seems insurmountable now. maybe i should just start a small project. btw: try starbucks orange mocha, delicious blend of choc and orange.

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