Where the Mojo Goes

There are, I suppose, a number of reasons I have struggled with my knitting mojo lately. But one of those reasons is this: I’ve got Sewing Mojo going all over the place. I haven’t actually made anything in the last 10 days or so (Dude. I’ve had birthdays to celebrate left and right. Thanks for all the kind wishes for us all!). But before the birthday-induced hiatus, I was banging out projects one after another.

First up, another Built by Wendy top.

Easy as (Cherry) Pie
pattern: Built by Wendy, Simplicity 3835, top
fabric: cheapy cotton cherry print from JoAnn
I haven’t mentioned this before, but I am crazy about cherries on anything, and have actually begun to accumulate quite a stash of cherry fabric
mods: none
verdict: This is the simplest thing I have sewn so far. Elastic neck and sleeves means no facing, no fuss (I don’t know why, but for some reason doing interfacings always stresses me out. I have a complicated relationships with fusible web.) Thanks to some advice I got online – to look at the finished measurements of the pattern, as opposed to judging size by my body measurements – this thing actually fits! I made it two sizes smaller than I have been going with.
The only thing is, when I saw this top in some candid photos and video, I realized that it isn’t exactly flattering. It’s sort of blousy in a sort of chubby-making way. That’s a bummer because:

I had barely gotten the first one hemmed before I cast on, er, um, cut out fabric for a second one. This one actually doesn’t blouse quite as much because the fabric is an eyelet that’s maybe a tiny bit lighter and more sheer. It’s weird – I don’t really wear yellow, but I was drawn to this cheery fabric. Turns out, that when it comes to fabric, I’m buying all kinds of things I don’t usually wear. Like this:

It was just so spring-ish and happy, I had to buy it.
I turned it into these:

Garden Pants
pattern: Simplicity 4023 (an It’s So Easy pattern – and it is)
fabric: cotton fabric, JoAnn
mods: none, but when I make these again I’ll be changing the waist
verdict: mixed. I love the wide legs on these. The waist, though, is not quite right for me. They are low, low riders (like, show-my-tattoo low), and so not what I’m used to wearing. Also, the waist is a drawstring-elastic combo – I wish I’d used more elastic than the pattern calls for. They sort of feel like they are falling down all the time, even when they are not. When I make them again, I’ll use more elastic and lengthen the waist. This is a super-easy, really cute pattern that I think I will be using again and again.

I have one more fun thing to show, but it deserves a post of its own, so maybe tomorrow. I have to say that having Sewing Mojo really does adversely affect the Knitting Mojo, and not just because sewing takes away time from knitting. It’s because in comparison to knitting, I can get so much more done sewing, which makes me more inclined to sew when I have a little time. I have so little crafting time these days, and sewing gives a huge bang for the buck, so to speak. These three items took me two afternoons and maybe a little bit of nighttime fabric-cutting. I know that knitting is not about Getting Things Done – in fact, for me, it’s the opposite, it’s definitely a way to slow down and forget about the To-Do List for a bit. Still, when I’ve got a little bit of free time, that sewing machine beckons: “Look at all that you could Get Done!”

12 thoughts on “Where the Mojo Goes

  1. Those pants are hot, girl. Seriously. I like the low waist and I like them with the yellow shirt. Now go out into the garden and work it. 🙂

  2. i don’t think the blouse is the least bit unflattering, i love them both SO much!!!! i NEED SEWING MOJO!!! BECAUSE I NEED THOSE PANTS!!!!! OMG!

  3. Hey you’re really getting good! I love the shirt and the pants. And just so you know, I went out and bought the first shirt pattern that you posted on. I’m cutting out and sewing this weekend. Plus I’m starting my sock class. I’m very excited! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I’m so envious of your sewing skills! Once I move into the next phase of my life (read: not living in my in-laws basement) I will save up for a lil sewing machine and get a video or something. Awesome.

  5. i love sewing mojo, but it is making me wish i had something other than baby mojo ( and i may not evene have that). i really like the pants, thanks for including the pattern and your notes.

  6. I’ve just spent some hours looking for sewing patterns on the web – I have the URGE too, I think the warm weather also makes light, cotton items more appealing than knitted ones.

  7. Hi I found you through wardrobe refashion. I love how your top came out. I have the same pattern and haven’t made it yet. Happy belated birthday. Mine was May 30th. We’re crafty people all the way around.

  8. Go you with the sewing mojo! Will you share some with me?? Mine was so horribly offended when I started knitting that it packed up and left. Oh well.
    The blouses look perfect for summer. Go enjoy it!

  9. p.s. i tagged you! 😉 seriously, sorry i forgot to tell you. after i posted, i saw it was the day your friend was undergoing her surgery and i didn’t feel the timing was right, but i totally dropped the ball on letting you know at a later date. meh, sorry!

  10. Ace cherry top, I feel inspired. Can you give me any tips? I am a beginner and 3835 is my first attempt at making a top.

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