Little Boys of Three

Little Boys of Three
Look tenderly on little boys of three,
Their softness is as fleeting as a flower.
The cheeks like petals such a little hour,
The deepest dimple theirs so transiently;
Even tomorrow softness may be hard.
The little cotton cushions on the knees
turned into bony knobs for climbing trees.
The fists so like a rose grow lean and scarred.
His full moon cheeks will narrow to a line,
the silken hair becomes a brush of bristle,
As Mother’s little flower turns to thistle,
And there will linger not one little sign
To prove the cuddly cupid that was he.
Look tenderly on little boys of three.


Little Buddha
born 31 May 2004, 1:56 p.m.
6 lbs. 8 oz., 19 1/2″

Tiny Dancer
born 31 May 2004, 1:58p.m.
6 lbs. 8 oz., 20″

The woman in this picture honestly has no idea of how much her life has just changed.


Little Buddha
Loves animals, words, books, clothes, and exploring the mechanics of things.
Possibly the most observant little guy I’ve ever known.
Total mama’s boy.
Tiny Dancer
Loves animals, music, dancing, books, puzzles, and jumping from great heights.
Possibly the most sensitive and expressive little guy I’ve ever known.
Total ladies’ man.

I believe that making new people may be humanity’s most hopeful act. Three years ago today, my own hope for the future was born. And in a way, I was born too. Born a mama, born into a new kind of vulnerability, and strength, and a fierce kind of love. Thank you, my little boys, for making me a mother, for giving me new reasons for love and hope, and for being your amazing, charming, beautiful selves. Happy 3rd birthday, little men. Here’s to many more!

13 thoughts on “Little Boys of Three

  1. i look at your little boys so grown, then glance at my boys so small. i know the time will fly and i know i will remember just fleeting moments. it is amazing, having twins…

    congrats to your beautiful little boy/men. they look so well-loved and happy…cheers, too, to a great mama.

  2. What a wonderful post! Congratulations to you and your little ones.
    I got here from Zimmermania, thanks for your nice comments on the Fishtraps for twins. They were certainly a fun knit, but there’s no way I’d ever knit and adult sized fishtrap!

  3. Great post. I enjoyed the post. It made me reflect on my own boys, all teens now. These are fun years now, but yours are sweet years! Enjoy.

  4. That was nicely put. Just today, my father said something about the world being ruined and that he doesn’t think it’s going to last. He asked me what I thought; and I said, “I have to have hope. I have kids.” Kind of ironic since I was talking to my father.

  5. Wow, I missed some really fantastic posts in my blog-reading hiatus. I really enjoyed this series with your boys’ birthdays and your birthday.

    By the way, I am very impressed (and, right or wrong, somehow give you a lot of credit) that your boys were born so similar in size. I think that’s pretty rare among twins! I love how each one has turned out so very distinct, though.

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