Is she, or isn’t she?

She isn’t. But if you saw her in this, wouldn’t you wonder?

It’s no secret that I wouldn’t mind having another baby (note: that is ONE baby. Not two at a time, ever again.) But after losing 73 of the 86 pounds I gained during my pregnancy, and being most definitely NOT pregnant, I really don’t care to wear anything that might give that impression. And this? So gives that impression.

I look five months pregnant! (Of course, when I actually was five months pregnant, I was measuring as seven months pregnant. I definitely couldn’t have wedged myself into this little thing.) [must admit that for this pic I am doing the pregnant sway-back thing a bit for emphasis, and not holding my tummy in the way I usually do]

I have seen tops from this pattern – Built by Wendy, Simplicity 4111 – all over the web and thought it looked so cute. At first I was a little concerned that the shape of it was a tad maternity-ish, but after I saw this one, I was convinced it didn’t have to. I had fallen in love with the fabric while making a patchwork tablecloth with it (pics to come one of these days) and decided I had to make a top out of it.

Thing is, I never seem to learn. No matter what the measurements say (and I do go by body measurements, not my usual clothing size), I should always make my clothes one size smaller than indicated. Because the big problem with this top is that there is too much material both front and back, which makes it hang not close enough to my body. I really think without the extra fabric, I might not look pregnant. Also, there is this:

Jumbo sleeves. Even with the elastic threaded in, the sleeves are several inches larger than my wrists.

Other than all the extra fabric, it’s really kind of a cute top, and comfy.

But how can I make it cuter (in a non-maternity way)? I haven’t hemmed it yet because I wanted to get advice from all you seamstresses out there on how I should modify it. Should I take it apart and cut it down a bit? (including sleeves?) Should I try to put some waist shaping in? Should I take the elastic out of the sleeves and let them just be loose?

Or should I just get pregnant? 😉

10 thoughts on “Is she, or isn’t she?

  1. I think it looks really cute on you! I would not think you were preg at all. The color is very complimentary to your hair and skin actually.

  2. I vote for pregnant! If you change your mind about keeping the baby, we would love to have more! I hope that doesn’t sound to weird! But the color is great on you. Can you rework it?

  3. I think it looks cute, but I know what you mean–I think it’s the style of the shirt. Empire waists (I think that’s what they’re called) are difficult for anyone to wear without looking like they’re trying to hide something. 🙂

  4. not a seamstress, but i think it’s adorable!!! however, can’t help but vote for a third heartbreakingly cute child to look at pics of either. 🙂 and then there’s baby knits!!! EEP!

  5. i think it is really cute… love that color + fabric!
    as a very very beginning sewer, i am not sure about cutting it down to make it smaller. were i brave and patient i would recommend it, but i think the much easier solution would be a cute, wide belt at the waist, which would give you some shape there.
    or, you could just get pregnant 🙂

  6. Its a cute shirt! But there is a lot of extra fabric to contend with. If the sleevers are going to “bell” anyways, I would just take the elastic out and let them meet their full fashion potential…just a thought.

  7. You now, empire waists will always have overtones of maternity, no matter what do. One of my favorite shirts is cut like that, and I feel as though I always look as though I have an announcement to make when I wear it. I think your shirt is just beautiful, and I don’t think I would have jumped to the pregnancy conclusion at all if you’d put the photos up without comment.

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