Merry Christmas!

You know, at Chez Earthchick, we stay behind on things. Way behind. I can’t keep up with emails, blogging, chores, or my to-do list. And let’s don’t even talk about the last time I updated my checkbook. So it should come as no surprise that I am nearly five months late with someone’s Christmas present. I’d love to try to call it seven months early, but the fact is I gave my friend Julie a gift certificate last Christmas, promising her a knitted item of her choice. Smart chick, she chose the clogs.


(my first variegated pair)

pattern: Felted Clogs by Fiber Trends
yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino, in Chestnut Brown for cuff and sole, and Rosewood for upper
needles: KP Options size 13
size: Women’s medium (for a size 8 foot)
started: April 27
finished: May 9
modifications: I don’t mess with a good thing
verdict: As usual, a delightful knit. I adore this pattern. This time it took me longer than usual, because life keeps interfering with knitting. Okay, not just life. Also Ravelry. Under normal circumstances, I can usually get a pair of these done in 5 or 6 days. The Patons Merino felted much more quickly than the WOTA I usually use. In fact, I’m afraid these might be a tad small. They are supposed to be a size 8 (which is Julie’s shoe size), but they are pretty perfect on my size 7 feet. In fact, though this is the fourth pair of these clogs I’ve made, it’s the first I’ve ever actually been able to try on myself (the first two pairs were child’s sizes, and the third pair, a women’s large, was way too big for me). I must say, I’m pretty tempted to keep these. But since it will probably be Christmas before I can get another pair knit, I’d best send them on.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Oh, that’s great to know that you had better luck with the Paton’s than WOTA. I used WOTA for four pairs this past Christmas, and one of them was a total disaster. I tried and tried to felt those puppies, and they were still ripply and bumpy. Grr! I’ll try Paton’s next, because like you, I know I’ll be making more of these. I like them in the variegated yarn, too! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them knitted up in variegated, and now I’m wondering why more people don’t do it, it’s really pretty.

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