Hey look! I knit something!

Mark this date down: May 3, 2007 – earthchicknits actually features some knitting.

It’s a pair of Monkeys!

And they are mine, all mine!
And I love them!

pattern: Monkey by the fabulous Cookie A
yarn: Brooklyn Handspun, Winter Sunrise (a lovely combination of pink, light orange, and lavender), 480 yds, gifted to me by the fabulous Dave
needles: size 0 rosewood dpns
started: April 12, I think
finished: April 27
modifications: just a couple:

I love a picot cuff, so that’s what I did. I CO 60 (instead of the 64 the pattern calls for) to make up for the snugness I would be losing by not doing the twisted rib (I based this calculation on the Simply Lovely Lace Socks pattern I knit last summer). Then after the picot rounds and a few more rounds, I increased by 4 before starting the pattern.

And I did an Eye of Partridge heel.
In retrospect, I kind of wished I had just done the heel as written (plain stockinette), because between the pattern of the sock and the variegation of the yarn, I don’t think it really needed any extra movement.


Sandal weather, new spring socks, and a sweet cat. What’s not to love?

And now, something I may regret. But Rachel asked for it, so here ya go:

earthchick and cousin
Easter 1991
ages 19 and 19

And though I claimed only the Easter matchiness, the trend sadly extended far past a once-a-year phenomenon.

earthchick and cousin
not Easter, 1981
ages 9 and 9

And worst of all:

earthchick and cousin
on our way to aerobics, 1987
ages 15 and 15

Woah. You may need to poke your eyes out after that one. Sorry! Maybe this will help. Here, look! Knitting!

16 thoughts on “Hey look! I knit something!

  1. Oh my god, I’m laughing so hard right now. I swear I’m not really laughing at you — you and your cousin were nothing more than victims of a difficult fashion era. Thank you SO MUCH for indulging me and posting those. This is the biggest laugh you’ve given me since you described that random guy who greeted your husband, “Hi, fat ass!” (Yes, I know I’ve brought it up before — I still think it’s funny.)

    By the way, I was thinking how particularly nice the eye-of-partridge heel looked even before I read the part where you said you didn’t like it.

  2. Wow, those aerobic outfits were so, um 80’s 🙂 You’re a brave woman posting the pics.

    Loving the Monkey socks!

  3. Now I know why they have “Eighties” days at my kids school for spirit week. All the young girls today want to relive our glory days of gorgeous big hair and hot aerobics outfits!
    I think the picot edge you gave your monkeys was a great choice, it matches perfect with the pattern, they were meant to be together, knida like you and your cousin

  4. Oh, the 80s were just so…bad! I’m just a couple of years older than you, and I’m sure I have some pictures I could also share. I’ll look around, here at home and at my parents’ house. I may not have any matchy matchy (or do I?), but I certainly have my share of teenager in the 80s!

  5. I love it when we relive fashion fun from the past! You know, I really like the EoP heel, and seeing your makes me like it even more..it’s a nice effect, I think…

  6. I love the cupcakes and the cuties!!

    Oh how I love the socks…great job…enjoy!

    I love the areobic outfits….makes me think 20 minute workout LOL

  7. LOVING the monkeys! and what a neat heel!!!! i see what you’re saying about the movement, but it’s freakin cool!!!! i am planning a pair for sockapalooza. loving the old skool pics too!!! 🙂

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