Catching Up: frantic sewing, part 2

The crazed assembly of another pair of pj pants and its unfortunate ill-fitting outcome did not deter me from more late-night frenzied sewing before I left for my trip south. In fact, the last several nights before I got on the plane, I was up until 2:00am or so trying to get everything done. But in this case, I actually ended up with something that fit, and that I took on the trip. In fact, the weather was in the 80s and 90s that week, and this simple cotton top was the perfect thing.

pattern: Simplicty 4589. You know, because everyone else is doing it.
Seriously, every time I saw this shirt online it whispered, “Make me!”
So I finally did. And it won’t be the last time.
fabric: cheapo cotton from JoAnn, a sort of peachypink with little rosebuds and white dots.

modifications: None, except to take it in a bit because it turns out that every Simplicity pattern I make ends up running large.
verdict: I really love it, even though it’s a tad boxy. I already have some mods in mind for next time, which I think will be coming soon (but not frantically!). This was such a rush job, and it definitely shows in the details. But I was happy with it overall (it’s my first shirt), and I learned a lot about basic shirt construction. This pattern comes with several variations, but this is my favorite – I always love a square neckline.

I had a really hard time getting a good shot of this blouse. My tripod has been missing for four years now (ever since we moved into our home), and My Old Man isn’t particularly comfortable behind the lens (though he gamely and sweetly hangs in there for endless photo shoots whenever I ask). The top shot above is the best I could do this go-round – camera, on self-timer, stuck on the windowsill.

But Little Buddha, who is interested in nearly every hobby I have, has been begging to try my camera. I may be a fool, but today I let the little guy give it a whirl.

Not bad for a two year-old eh? It may not be a perfect shot of the top, but it’s certainly my favorite.

6 thoughts on “Catching Up: frantic sewing, part 2

  1. That’s my favorite picture too – very artistic. The top is cute – again it’s great that you’re learning new stuff, exciting.

  2. I actually think that’s quite a flattering photo both of you and the shirt. Little Buddha has some talent! Great job on your first shirt!

  3. i love that last photo. so sweet!
    and the top looks fantastic. you are inspiring me to give sewing tops another go!

  4. oh he’s taken such a lovely smile in that photo…your top is so pretty…when I was younger i used to think that patterns were cut too big, now I find that they are cutting them too small!! hmmm….

  5. Sewing hint, go by the measurements, not the sizes! And be sure to use 5/8″ seams! Another idea (that I use) I use the right size and cut the pattern down (by 5/8″). Crazy but that seems to work. I’ve been sewing for 20+ years! My parents bought me my first sewing maching when I was in high school.
    ps, I’m going for that shirt pattern such a great look!

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