Catching Up: wee bunnies

So our Easter wasn’t completely non-handmade (thanks for all your sweet comments on my little boys!). After a year of salivating over everyone else’s pictures of their Wee Wonderful bunnies, I finally made my own. Three of them – one for step-grandbaby J, and one for each of my boys.

I did baby J’s with free fabric I got from a freecycler – soft yellow for the front and yellow, blue, white diamond fabric (from a Peter Rabbit line) for the back. The boys were a little enchanted with him.

I was fairly pleased, too. Unfortunately, my next two attempts didn’t turn out as well. Perhaps I rushed myself too much, which exacerbated my tendency towards suckiness in several critical areas: handsewing the last little bit where the stuffing goes in; sewing on pompoms, sewing on little eyes, and embroidering the already-stuffed bunny. It was still kind of fun, though.

These were made with soft leftover light blue fabric from this project (also a gift for baby J), and some free Peter Rabbit from the same freecycler. My boys are crazy about Peter Rabbit, and I thought this fabric was so cute. The above is the only pic I have of both bunnies because the boys quickly tore one of the eyes off one of them, and I’ve yet to repair it.

It turns out that I like the idea of making little soft toys much better than I actually like making them. Still, I was happy to have done them. And if I can ever master the fine art of sewing a stuffed animal up without it looking completely wretched, I might try again.

10 thoughts on “Catching Up: wee bunnies

  1. great lil’ stuffies. and i just scrolled thru the easter pictures, such beautiful boys, they make me so excited about the imminent arrival of our beans. twins, twice as nice, i hope one of ours has curls like lb, i have the same type hair as you, so we’ll have to see.

  2. Oh, those came out just wonderfully! I would have loved something like that in my Easter basket when I was little. I’m very impressed — great job!

  3. Very cute! I think I also like the idea of sewing things better than I actually like sewing…oh well. Love the pictures of your boys all dressed up too!

  4. the bunnies are so so cute! love the fabrics and the little faces 🙂
    handsewing that bit where the stuffing goes in is really hard for me, too. there must be some trick… wish i knew what it was 🙂

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