Catching Up: a non-homemade Easter

I had the best of plans for homemade Easter outfits for the boys and me: I was going to sew matching shirt for the boys, knit coordinated vests for them, and sew myself a dress. As March fled past by me, I eventually began to adjust my expectations. Okay, I thought, I’ll buy them shirts but knit them vests; I’ll sew myself a skirt not a dress, and pair it with a twinset I already own.

So I spent several days knitting vests, only to discover two things when I was done. 1) The vests did not really coordinate with the shirts I bought (the yellows were not as close a match as I had hoped). 2) The vests did not look as cute as I had hoped (this was not an issue with the pattern, which I loved, but with the yarn, which was not the right choice gauge-wise). I’ll post pics and details of the vests I made in another entry. I have so much blogging (and blog commenting: bloglines = 312 posts to read!) to catch up on.

In the end, I rushed out and bought the boys entire Easter outfits on Good Friday. The upside of last minute shopping? Huge sales. [It’s true that I took the Wardrobe Refashion pledge for another two months, but this time I’m only taking it for me, not for my whole family, so these purchases were legit].

I have to admit, I thought my fellas were super-cute.

Tiny Dancer sure can rock the hat, can’t he?

And Little Buddha rocks the bunny glasses.

Sadly, there is no such thing as a family picture these days. I can barely get the boys to stand still together for a picture, let alone get them to hold still while two adults try to stand with them. For now, I settle for two-person shots.

me and TD

LB and me

There were actually some handmade aspects of Easter this year – the skirt for me, a couple of Easter goodies for the boys – but I’ll save those for another post. I’ve got lots of catching up to do, blog-wise, craft-wise, and life-wise. And maybe even an admission or two to make. I’ll try not to wait another 2 weeks before posting….

9 thoughts on “Catching Up: a non-homemade Easter

  1. You’re all adorable!
    As for me, I basically gave up knitting for Lent, without meaning to do so. I’m now on a mission to complete all the unfinished projects lying about my house. (Laying?)

  2. kudos to you for giving in and sparing your sanity and just buying the outfits. the boys are CRIMINALLY cute! loved your southland post, but have been eagerly awaiting a new installment. peace!

  3. There’s something sweet about little boys dressed up with ties and button down shirts… your guys are so cute!

  4. Nevermind that you didn’t make all Easter outfits…they are too cute and you are blessed with a wonderful family!

  5. That’s okay, we instantly forgive you for long delays between posts (not that I could ever complain about something like that!) when you show us such adorable pictures of your little boys. The coordinating-not-matching outfits couldn’t be cuter.

  6. I’m late to the party, but your boys are unbearably cute–I can’t even handle it! They are so adorable.

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