Back to "normal"

Now that My Old Man is back home, and no one in our home is ill, and I’ve gotten over the shock of buckling basement walls, and my Tomten troubles seem to have been solved, and the sun is shining bright and late, things are getting back on track around here.

First, I knit something.

pattern: Fiber Trends felted clogs, women’s size 10
needles: KP Options size 13, 24″
yarn: KP WOTA in Arctic Pool Heather and Lake Ice Heather
started: March 1
finished: March 7
for: my friend Carol, who (in addition to gifts from Italy) received a “gift certificate” from me for a knitted item of her choosing (I gave her about seven options) – I gave her this for Christmas. Yes, I am a bit late with the follow-through. But not as late as I will be for Julie, who received the same certificate and picked the same option. Soon, though!
mods: none
notes: I’ve knit a couple of these in the children’s size before, but this was my first adult pair. I was surprised at how quickly they went, given how much larger they were than the children’s ones, and they could’ve gone even more quickly if I hadn’t had so much going on these last several days. I wasn’t completely sure about fit, so I left them a little on the large size and will send my friend instructions on how to felt them down a little more. I know that some people give their clogs away unfelted, but I really don’t want to shock and horrify her with the ugliness and beastly size of the unfelted clogs.

Then, the boys started getting more enthusiastic about potty learning. Little Buddha even asked for a potty seat like he saw at his friend Graham’s house, so he could use Mommy and Daddy’s toilet.


Of course after every success (or even effort), there is a bit of celebrating.
And for Little Buddha, celebration must always involve accessories.
Especially hats.

Finally, there has even been some sleeping going on. Last week nearly did me in with the lack of naps and the early, early rising. But now that Daddy’s home, the boys seem to have settled back down. And our wonderful babysitter has started putting Tiny Dancer to sleep in my study, where he can’t harrass his brother, who usually is ready to nap. When I’ve tried putting him in my study, he’s been into everything – cameras, computer, craft supplies. But somehow she has made it work, and he is going right to sleep.

There is something so tender to me about watching little ones sleep. Magical, even.

Sophie likes watching him as much as I do.

Takes my breath away.

7 thoughts on “Back to "normal"

  1. makes me look forward to my boys even more…i wonder at times who they will become, then remind myself to cherish each moment. i saw your flickr pic of you late in pregnancy…wow! twins sure make a belly. approx. 6-7 weeks for me…the belly is getting there, boys are healthy and growing. just beautiful, your lil sleeper.

  2. Well, I was going to comment on how much I like that clog pattern and want to knit it someday, but that seems mighty trivial in the face of a sleeping cherub. Those ringlets and those eyelashes are just too much — you should sell tickets to his naps. 🙂

  3. love those clogs! I actually started knitting so that I could work my way up to making a pair of those…someday.

    your son is so cute in all of his sleeping glory!

  4. Oh! That make my heart ache! I love seeing my Boys sleep (in many ways)! Some of my favorite pictures of my Boys are when they are sleeping. They just look so peaceful, like yours!

    BTW, your clogs look great! I made 9 pairs at Christmas. I want some for myself, but I havn’t quite gotten over that yet!

  5. Cute boy! I was just searching on MDC for info on Manos for soakers and such and saw your post about the longies. I actually got the same colorway. What size needles did you use and how did they hold up on the toddler? I am planning on knitting mostly for the new babe expected soon, but thought Taso might enjoy a new pair of shorts! Awesome on the toilet-usage! Taso is starting to use it often, too! It’s really exciting when he tells us he has to pee 🙂

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