Hat Trick

Remember how I gave My Old Man’s hat away, only to discover he had lost the one I knit him last year? And remember how I then set immediately to knitting him a new one? Well, later that night, when I was roughly seven inches in, My Old Man came gleefully into my study to announce his good news – he had found his old hat! I didn’t fully share his excitement, since I was well over halfway done with the new one. But he was thrilled to have found it – and I was touched that the first thing I knit for him apparently had such sentimental value.

Still, he didn’t complain when I soon handed him a brand-new hat, much softer than the last – and a bit longer, to cover his ears better. (Last year’s hat was made from Manos). Given how frequently hats seem to go missing around here, I suppose having one extra won’t be a bad thing. And when My Old Man saw the new one, he said, “Please don’t give this one away.”

pattern: frugalhaus classic ribbed hat*
yarn: Malabrigo, Marron Oscuro, less than 1 skein
(pattern calls for ~150 yards)
needles: size 8 circs (KP Options) and dpns
start: January 31, 2007
finish: February 2, 2007
verdict: we both love it – of course the yarn is yummilicious; I also love this pattern, which is super simple and so classic, and I love that it easily fits a variety of head sizes (everyone in our family can wear the same hat and just fold the brim up different amounts)

*if you think you might want this pattern, you better snatch it up quick-like, while it’s free – it looks like frugalhaus has decided to start selling patterns they used to publish for free….

9 thoughts on “Hat Trick

  1. Well, hello, handsome! That hat fits him so well. And yes, it’s always good to have more than one hat. They get misplaced so easily!

  2. Yippee!!
    I told you, Stacey, that if you would use the malabrigo to make something for Paul he could get a Christmas gift from me too 😉
    I love it and it looks great on him.

  3. That is a very manly and handsome hat. (Quite suitable for a manly and handsome husband, I’d say!) Winter doesn’t seem half as bad when you have a luxurious hat like that to get you through, I bet.

  4. GAH – I’m too late – the pattern is GONE!!!! Doesn’t look like they have ANY free patterns anymore. Damn!! That hat looks WONDERFUL, and made with Malabrigo? HEAVEN!! 🙂

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