FO revisited: Baby Layette

I know what you’re really here for – to find out who won the Malabrigo. Patience, grasshopper, it’s coming.

But first, you simply must look at this:

That’s Baby J! In the layette I made him!
(for those new to this blog, J is My Old Man’s grandson)
For Christmas, My Old Man’s daughter gave me a framed picture of J in the whole ensemble.
And I asked for a digital copy to put on my blog.
(you may remember that I took pics this summer but was hesitant to post them without permission and too embarrassed to ask for that permission)

Squishy little baby.
Squishy little knits.

Here he is at 2 weeks, in the hat.

Dude. I so need another one, don’t I?

Like I’ve said before, this was probably the knit I was most proud of in 2006. I still can’t believe I planned well enough to get the whole thing done in time for his birth (which was 6 months ago tomorrow).

Okay, okay, thanks for indulging me. Now, without further ado, the blogiversary giveaway winner is:


(HamaLee from KnittingHelp)

Congrats, Lauren! I’ll send you a PM at KH to get your mailing address.

Besides being a shameless ploy to get more traffic over here on my blog, this giveaway has been really fun. I might have to do it again sometime!

Coming very soon: an FO, for real. And maybe more than just a knitting FO. We’ll see….

7 thoughts on “FO revisited: Baby Layette

  1. Muah! 😀
    Thank you so much!!!!

    That layette is so cute…I gotta knit up some baby stuff. (And then find a baby to give it to!)

  2. Oh my goodness, such a beautiful baby and the outfit is adorable!

    I love the photo of you holding him. He’s so tiny!

    Congrats to Lauren!

  3. I get such joy from receiving photographs showing my baby gifts in use. Given how much work you put into that full set, I can see why you would love having a photo of it. How sweet of your (am I right that it’s your stepdaughter?) to provide you with a framed photo.

    I have to say I’m much relieved that I didn’t win…it would have been plain old unfair. I’m happy to share the luck.

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