What I Love :: Grey

A few months ago, Amanda did a series of posts about what she loves. It was a sweet little series, and inspiring. Sometimes I still find myself thinking about some of the photos (particularly the one of her grandmother’s hands and the one of her 3 year-old son’s foot climbing a tree).

Here’s something I love: grey.

winter finally came this week

there’s nothing quite like the quiet, cold beauty of an ice storm’s aftermath

I love grey.

Easy V-Neck Raglan.
So close to done I can hardly stand it.
Actually, the knitting has been done for a few days now.
There’s just a little finishing left, plus I need to re-do the bind-off of the body (again)
to make it a bit stretchier.

This raglan is in a duel with another knit to become my first FO of 2007. I don’t know which will win yet, but stay tuned. One day very soon, there will be an actual FO on here.

And stay tuned, also, for the results of the Malabrigo blogiversary drawing. It’s not too late to leave a comment and be entered!

6 thoughts on “What I Love :: Grey

  1. I love those pictures. And I’m actually quite jealous that you have a real winter going on with snow and everything.

    The raglan looks good, what I can see of it – that’s certainly a teaser picture.

  2. What a nice pictures. I want winter as well, but there’s no sign of it here in the Netherlands.

    Already your first FO of 2007. Now I feel really slow.

  3. Ooh, I love the gray of the weather juxtaposed with the gray of the sweater. The latter looks like the perfect antidote to the former. Let that be motivation for you to finish the raglan ASAP!

  4. I adore grey too. It goes with everything (black AND brown) and is so classic. Can’t wait to see your easy v neck finished!

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