Blogiversary – and a giveaway

So it was a year ago tonight that I first started doing this blog thing (I know my archives go back to August 2005, but that was because I went back and added in posts and FOs to try to sort of track my knitting obsession from the beginning). I date the beginning of my knitting obsession with my discovering of the online knitting world, and knitting blogs were certainly a part of it. Since starting my own blog, my interest has expanded into other craft blogs as well (especially sewing blogs, but also general craftiness and kid-focused crafts as well). I love the online craft community, and have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from my visits to the many wonderful blogs out there.

I started this blog partly because I wanted to be a part of that amazing community, and partly because I wanted to track my own projects, dreams, wonderings, and learnings in someplace other than the jumbled space that is my mind. It has been such a great experience for me to be able to go back and read old posts, look at pics of old FOs and get both a sense of accomplishment at what I have done and a sense of my own growth as a knitter, a seamstress, a mother, a person. Greater still has been to get encouragement, advice, and general wittiness from those of you who are kind enough to visit my blog. I treasure every comment that has been left.

Now’s my turn to give something back, humble though it may be. Just a small little something.

1 skein
#195, Black

This sweet little bundle is looking for a home. I bought this with a specific project in mind and then went a different direction (both in terms of color and yarn). I’m certain I could find a use for it someday [1 skein is the perfect amount for any number of quick projects: a hat, a scarf, some wristwarmers, some thick bedroom socks, or even as the upper color in some felted clogs], but I’m also trying to be disciplined with myself about stash management right now. I thought Malabrigo would make a nice little giveaway for one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. On Thursday, January 18th (because 18 is my favorite number), I’ll draw a name at random [hey, given my normal amount of blog traffic, you have roughly a 25% chance of winning!]. If I pick your name, the skein is yours. [fair warning: Rachel has a real talent for winning this kind of random name-drawing competition. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. edited to add: Dude, seriously, it’s uncanny. She did it again. Exhibit C.] Check back sometime late Thursday or early Friday for the results of the drawing.

Thank you, blogland, for everything you’ve given me. Mwah!

42 thoughts on “Blogiversary – and a giveaway

  1. Congratulations on your first year. You should make a list of everything you have accomplished – projects, techniques etc – and a to do list for your second year.

  2. I’m really not commenting just for the yarn… I’m making an(other) effort to revitalize my blog. Congratulations on a full year of yours!

  3. Apparently I DO have a talent for this – check out my most recent win here!

    So don’t pick me for this contest (though I have long wanted to knit with Malabrigo…). I just want you to have a happy blogiversary! I hope your blog has given you all the things you described as your reasons for starting it. I’ve enjoyed reading it!

  4. Happy blogiversary! I just started mine (er, like 2 days ago), but have been reading yours and others for several months. I’m not sure which is the worse obsession, knitting or reading knitting blogs! I adore both. Congrats to you!

  5. Happy bloggy-versary! It’s certainly been an amazing year.

    (Hmmm. I’ll have to check when mine is … must be coming up soon.)

  6. happy blogiversary! i love reading your blog – you always have a great take on things. and your 2006 knitty review has inspired me to refocus on my cozy, which has been lingering. thanks!

  7. Happy blogaversary Stacey! If *I* win the Malabrigo I already know what I’ll be making….a soaker for a baby boy who’s going to be born this week. Unless he’s really a girl, in which case I’ll be back to the drawing board. (lol)

  8. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Isn’t blogging just great? It’s like having a bunch of really great friends to visit in our own living room.

  9. Congrats on one year! It has been fun watching! It is fun watching another Mom experiencing 2 small boys. Although mine are not twins, they are close enough in age to be confused as twins once and a while!

  10. Hi. Congratulations on your first year! I just found you from your post on knitting help.
    A whole year is really exciting. I just started a blog yesterday and hope I make it past a year.

  11. Congrats on year one! I’m getting close to that myself .. my journey all started with a stash flash … which is frightening all by itself, especially considering what it grew into.

  12. Happy blogiversary! I like to post photos of my progress and stuff too. I guess I should figure out how long I have been blogging and have a blogiversary too. Congrats and throw my name in the hat for that lovely malasbrigo

  13. Happy Blog Day!!! I am glad that you stuck to with it !!! Watching you not only grow as a knitter but as well as a mother is indeed something wonderful to follow. Not to mention your sucess with the 7 things Project…=) My hat is off to you , as well, on that one. I wish you another good year of growing, learning and nuturing as well as hours of peaceful knitting.

  14. Congratulations! This is HamaLee from over on KH. I love reading and discovering knitting blogs.

    that’s some mmmmmmmmmMalabrigo!
    I just started my first ever project with it. Scrumptious.

  15. Happy Blogiversary. Creative way to get people over to your blog. πŸ˜‰ BTW…I’m in Michigan too, south of Grand Rapids. I’m not really sure where that is in relation to Ann Arbor though.

  16. Congrats on your first year – I first came to your site because of the Seven Saturday project – but I also enjoy hearing about the boys and your knitting. Keep up the good work. As for the yarn, I gave one of my daughters two skeins of Mal. and a hat pattern for Christmas. So far, not piquing her interest in the least . . . oh, please, don’t torment me so!

  17. Hi Stacey! Yet another KH:er (this time it’s the cat owned one) who found her way over here after having read your thread about a Malabrigo drawing. πŸ™‚ Couldn’t resist!

    I’ll come back and read some more here later on!

  18. Oops, I forgot to add, I don’t need to be in your contest, since I’m allergic to animal fibers. Good luck for the rest who commented here

  19. Nice going a whole year =D I wish I posted on my blog as much as I should do – Your blog is wonderful I pop by irregularly to read =D

    – Mulene

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