I Made. I Gave. I Got.

(yeah, I know that’s not the meaning of Christmas; it’s just what I’m writing about today)

A review.

What I made:
Sock monkeys? No.
My Old Man’s Zippered Raglan Sweater? No.
Dove garland I insanely started 2 nights before Christmas? No.

The middle one I knit for MIL. Don’t ask about the pointy toe. It’s a design feature. 😉
The ones on either side of it are the ones I sewed for the boys. I’m quite proud of them.
(I didn’t make the two outer ones.)

Christmas gift for CJ?
Sort of.
I did finish a Scrunchable Scarf for her, in Malabrigo Brown Berries.
But it was also going to have a pair of matching Voodoo Wrist Warmers.
Soon, CJ, I promise!

Yummy Christmas candy? Yes.
A ridiculously huge Christmas Eve meal for only three adults and two toddlers? Yes.
An utter mess of my house? Oh yes.

What I got:

Here’s the yummy undyed Shetland Wool (dk weight) My Old Man’s son, C, brought me from England. It came from sheep raised not far from where C lives. How cool is that? I don’t yet know what I’ll make with it, but I love this yarn, and I love that it is the exact same colors as the sheep it came from. When I hold this yarn, I’m transported to the rolling green hills of the English countryside. Love it.

Yarn for Tubey!

And a new lens!
(the kitty was not a Christmas gift – she’s just posing for me to show off the lens features)
After drooling over the shots Grumperina was taking with this same lens, I put it on my Amazon wish list immediately, and my folks got it for me.

Aside from giving and getting, the holidays were both great and draining. An eight-day trip (six days of which included driving anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours), 2500 miles on the car, two sick boys, and two sick parents doesn’t make for the most relaxing “break.” But now it’s January. I love January. I love a fresh start. Hope your year is happy!

4 thoughts on “I Made. I Gave. I Got.

  1. oooh, nice yarn, and cute hand-made stockings. i feel the same way about january – yay for fresh starts and new knitting projects.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! The stockings look fantastic. Handknit stockings are on my to-do list for next Christmas.

    The undyed Shetland wool is really cool. Those are great colors!

  3. Fun that your MIL and my stepmother have matching stockings. 🙂 Yours came out better — it has more Twirl at the top, which I should have done.

    I’m sorry your “break” wasn’t at all restful, but I hope things settle down for you this month. Happy new year!

  4. Happy New Year! I never finish everything I’d like to make for Christmas either, but I’ve decided not to worry about it. 😉

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