Making a List. Checking it Twice.

  • Anywhere near done with the boys’ Christmas stockings? No.
  • Paying attention so that I don’t screw up the very simple heel and frog back four times in a row? No.
  • Going to finish My Old Man’s Zippered Raglan in time for Christmas? Not likely.
  • Going to finish the other two Christmas gift knits on my list? Maybe.
  • Going to become a sewing convert because of how quickly a machine can crank out FOs? Possibly.
  • Going to stay up late on Christmas Eve sewing sock monkeys and wrapping gifts? Definitely.
  • Going to have the house clean in time for MIL’s visit on Thursday? No.
  • Laughing inside, while trying to act stern, every time Little Buddha asks Tiny Dancer, “Do you want a time-out?” Yes.
  • Crying inside, while trying to act merry, every time I have to go out and shop in an actual brick-and-mortar store? Yes.
  • Developing a painful knot in my shoulder from too much online Christmas shopping? Yes.
  • Ordered my gift yarn from My Old Man for Tubey? Yes!
  • Ordered my Bea Ellis Hat Kit (the traditional one) as a replacement gift for something a family member gave me that I’ve already returned? Yes.
  • Obsessed with every little child’s Christmas craft idea, even though the craftiest my boys have gotten so far is to scribble on the windowsills, walls, stove, and wood floor? Yes.
  • Going to knock myself out with four night-time commitments in the next week, including one I’m hosting, and including two while company is here? Yes.
  • Going to try to bake, cook, play hostess, and get ready to leave town at one of my busiest work times of year? Yes.
  • Going to have everything packed and loaded in time to hit the road after lunch on Christmas day? Not likely.
  • Going to enjoy many, many hours of road time happily knitting? Definitely.
  • Loving watching my kids enjoy the holidays, even though for me it seems to mean an awful lot of work? Yes, yes, yes.
  • Enjoying wearing my Simply Lovely Lace Socks with my new $9 Christmas jammies? Oh yes…..

4 thoughts on “Making a List. Checking it Twice.

  1. Wow – that was like a Mastercard commercial on crack! But very clever. Hope you have a great Christmas and can lessen the stress!

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