FO revisited: My First Adult Hat

For the last several days, My Old Man’s older son, C, has been visiting us from England, where he is working on a PhD at Exeter in Social Psychology. We have all had a great time with him.

This time last year, I made my very first adult hat, a simple roll brim stockinette cap (from LMKG), as a Christmas present for C. Last year, I failed to get a pic of him in it. So, here it is:

(I made him do that J. Crew pose).

The boys have especially enjoyed having C here.
It is great fun to watch the three of them play together.
Plus, he thoroughly wears them out.

3 thoughts on “FO revisited: My First Adult Hat

  1. Ah, someone who wears out your children. I’m guessing there is hardly a characteristic you value more in a houseguest.

    The hat looks great, and it must be very satisfying to see him still happily wearing it a year later.

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