FO: Voodoo Wrist Warmers

Oh my, I seriously love these little things.

Saturday was writing day, which meant I was shut in my icebox of a study all day. My little hands were freezing! But gloves were not an option, because I had to write. As I sat at my keyboard, I was suddenly overcome with the urge to knit wrist warmers right now. I managed to wait till I was through with my writing work to start the project in earnest (i.e., I did cast on, and knit a couple of inches, between writing spurts, but I ended up frogging when I realized the first wrist warmer was turning out too loose, then I waited till I was done writing before casting on again). By the next afternoon, I had a wrist warmer! Other things kept me from banging out the second one quite as quickly, but by last night, I was done with the pair.

a cup of coffee, a cuddly cat, and a couple of happy hands

It makes me ridiculously happy to cradle my favorite mug in my toasty mitts.

yarn: Malabrigo, Polar Morn, less than 1 skein
needles: size 4 dpns, Clover
pattern: Voodoo Wrist Warmers, size small
modifications: after the thumb hole, I knit a little more than the inch indicated, b/c I wanted the top of the mitt to come over my knuckles a bit
started: November 25
finished: November 29
[if I hadn’t been simultaneously working on other knit projects, these could’ve easily been done in two nights]
verdict: one of the simplest things I’ve ever knit. I love, love, love them. And I love, love, love the yarn (of course!). I especially love, love, love this colorway. I see some thick ribbed house socks in this colorway in my future.
I know some people don’t see the point of fingerless mitts. But I feel certain I will be using these a *lot* at my keyboard.

6 thoughts on “FO: Voodoo Wrist Warmers

  1. How pretty! And, I’m so glad to get a look at the Polar Morn colorway up close. I’ve been wondering about that one — it’s lovely!

  2. Beautiful! Would you be able to add a bit of a thumb instead of the hole? Just wondering…. I would need instructions… not very imaginative here šŸ˜¦ Thanks in advance!

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