My Life. My Blog.

Clearly I’m having trouble getting back into the swing of blogging. Blame it partly on my computer (theoretically fixed – the guy at Apple’s Genius Bar decided I had a corrupt OS and reinstalled for me; still, my computer gets sluggish and cranky at times). Or blame it on the fact that I’m trying to deal with work, holidays, company (My Old Man’s son arrives for an 8-day visit today), and re-entry. Or blame it on my complete lack of organization and self-discipline. Or, pretend that I actually discovered some self-discipline in Italy, and am now channeling my energies into actual work rather than this here blog.

At any rate, I’ve not gotten back into my blogging rhythm. Even though I have *actual FOs* to show. Not to mention all those hundreds of pictures from my trip (which I am still sorting).

Maybe a meme will get me back in my groove. And this one (based on those American Express ads) I saw over at Cara’s place was just too fun to pass up. Though I have to admit I always feel like such a narcissist when I post a meme (hence the early demise of my participation in Friday Feasts).

self-portrait in the kitchen of the B&B in Florence

can you read it? I know the quality sucks.

(I don’t have a scanner, so I had to snap a pic of it.)
click for bigger

Wanna do it too? Here’s the form. Don’t forget to do the self-portrait.

Now. I really better get back to real life. Company’s a-coming and the house is a mess.

2 thoughts on “My Life. My Blog.

  1. Loved the meme – for me, the perfect day almost always includes coffee, as well. I just don’t get much knitting done with Youngest Child – blocks, pokemon, race cars and knitting needles just don’t mix.

  2. My blogging life has been in disarray lately, too. If by “lately” you mean “for the past 6 months.” There are just always so many competing demands — and I don’t even have TWINS!

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