Homemade Halloween

When it comes to sewing (and knitting, too), I’m no Grumperina. I just do not have her attention to detail or her commitment to perfection. Still, I got the job done – my first ever homemade Halloween costumes.

Two Little Pigs

The best part of making them was how Little Buddha kept coming into my study while I was sewing and saying, “Good job, Mama.”

And even though the ears turned out to be cartoonish and bizarre (I had no pattern, just my own twisted imagination), I was pleased enough with the ensemble: pink hooded sweatsuits (the first time I’ve gotten to purchase little pink things for my kids!), ears stuffed and sewn, hooves made like little mitts and sewn to the cuffs (but not all the way around, so the boys could pull their hands out if they wanted), and little corkscrew tails (I sewed a tube and then put a pipecleaner in it).

Here you can see Tiny Dancer’s tail.
My Old Man and I wore the pig noses for trick-or-treating,
because the boys refused.
Even though for a month they’ve asked me nearly every day
to let them wear their pig noses.

Little Buddha

Tiny Dancer

Ready for candy.

2 thoughts on “Homemade Halloween

  1. Those are the cutest costumes!! Your kids will remember them for years to come. I still remember one of my favorite costumes my mother made for me was “Miss Piggy”. I was 10. She loaned me her mink coat, faux jewels, and fancy high heels. I had so much fun modeling all night that I forgot to get any candy and didn’t even care!

    We have a fun new knitting web site – thought you might like to visit sometime:


    Hope to see you soon!
    Angela Catirina & Bonnie

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