Scenes from the Puntin Patch

“Puntin” is how Tiny Dancer says “pumpkin.”

On Saturday, we took the boys to a local apple orchard that has a big pumpkin patch and a petting zoo. Their favorites animals? Definitely a toss-up between the sheep and the pigs.

Tiny Dancer studies the sheep.
I think that boy will be a knitter someday.

Rounding the bend on the wagon ride, Little Buddha spots the pumpkin patch.

Once in the patch, though, he’s not so sure what to do.
Tiny Dancer, however, knows exactly what this situation calls for.

Running hurdles, of course.

He just took off, jumping over every pumpkin in his path.

No clue where he got that idea.

But he did it with flare.

Contemplating his next round of hurdles.

Taking two at once.

Enjoying every minute of it.

Mission accomplished.

Maybe next year.

5 thoughts on “Scenes from the Puntin Patch

  1. Oh god, SO CUTE! And I have to say, it very nearly read like a children’s book. Great photos, simple language, an idea children can totally relate to — I see a publishing future! (Unless you’re already in children’s book publishing and I didn’t realize, in which case my comment is truly asinine.)

  2. Wow – if anyone ever told you and I back in our college days that I would be crocheting and you would be knitting, we would have laughed our asses off!!! Your stuff looks great.

    And I lOVE the pics of your boys – SO CUTE! How old are they now?

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