The Blue Period

Not because I’m depressed. Just because I like the color.

My Scrunchable Scarf, in Malabrigo Azul Profundo,
is coming along nicely.
It would’ve been done by now, except that I keep working on
many, many other things.

Like this Men’s Zippered Raglan Cardigan from LMKG.
I’m really excited about this.
Which is why I’m working on it even though
many, many other knit deadlines loom.

The handspun from Julie.
Sooooo yummy.

And in the non-blue, non-knitting category, I have these.
Stitchettes from Wee Wonderfuls.
I am so excited to embroider these adorable creatures.
You know, in my extra time.

9 thoughts on “The Blue Period

  1. I really like the way the colours are working out in the scarf. Looking forward to seeing more of the men’s raglan — that yarn is wonderful.

  2. I love it!All of it:) I have yet to start dh’s sweater for this year and have decided I cannot let myself buy Stitchettes yet!lol
    What yarn is that raglan knit in?

  3. Hey there! blogger wouldn’t let me reply to your comment with an e-mail address so i thought I’d go this route.

    The Swish colors I’m using are Bordeaux and Truffle. I’m knitting it up on size 7’s and getting about 5.25 stitches to the inch (a little tight for this weight, but I like the fabric).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Beautiful scarf – the colors are so gorgeous.

    I’ve had my eye on those embroidery cards, but until I find a way to add a few hours to the day, I don’t see how I’d get around to them.

  5. The scarf is going to beautiful. I can’t wait to see that cardigan finished. I want to venture out and do one for my husband….maybe this one. Love the stitchettes too.

  6. I LOVE blues, too! LOL, I love all colors, too…hard to pick one, God has such a wonderful imagination so we have so many colors to choose from!
    I’m loving everything you are working on!!

  7. Oh wow, that scarf is just too wonderful. I need to make myself something like that, and soon — the cold weather has really begun to assert itself. I’m totally coveting yours.

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