All work and no knit makes earthchick an irritable girl

This week is killing me with stress and busyness, and I’m looking at at least two more too much like it (though I hope without some of the bad surprises this week brought). So a lot of things have suffered – sleep, exercise, proper nutrition, and knitting. There have been plenty of times when I’ve done without sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition and been all right, as long as I still had time to knit. But lack of knitting time is unacceptable!

Okay, I should clarify what I mean by “no knitting.” I have still knit a little here and there every day. But it’s been a very little. Today I’ve done 5 rows. Yesterday I think it was maybe 4. Oh wait, no, yesterday I also knit 3 rows in the funeral home parking lot when I arrived earlier than intended, but I don’t count those because, in my stressed state, I did something way wacky and had to unknit them all. You know your mind is fried when you can mess up something as simple as the scrunchable scarf – and then not catch it for 3 rows!

So instead of blogging, I really should be knitting, right? Right. Except every time I go sit in my knitting chair, I am surrounded by piles of clothes I was sorting through for my Parents of Multiples clothing sale (read all about that disaster here), and that just stresses me out more.

On top of everything else this week, my computer is having horrendous problems. Why, oh why, did I not purchase the extended warranty on my iMac last June? A mere 8 weeks past the 1-year warranty expiration, I began to have problems, and the problems have snowballed. As of Thursday, it no longer recognizes my printer. Which also means I can’t upload photos until I find the cord to directly connect my camera to the computer (not that I expect the computer to handle that well either). It is true, isn’t it, that unless your Mac is under warranty you can get neither phone support nor repair at one of their shops?

Enough grumpiness. Without further adieu, I bring you some shots of my current WIPs. If the shots seem familiar, it’s not just because of my inability to upload photos right now but also because of my current woeful lack of progress.

Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan
Still finished with the knitting.
Still not touching the seaming.
And today was my deadline for myself.

Mmmmmmalabrigo Scrunchable Scarf in Azul Profundo
now for me instead of Little Buddha
it’s a lot longer than it was when I took this picture, but the same idea

I have one more unfelted felted clog now.
It looks just like this, only different colors.

I should go clean up the living room now so that later I might actually feel like knitting in there. Then I should seam my sweater. I should, but I’m not sure I will….

5 thoughts on “All work and no knit makes earthchick an irritable girl

  1. Sorry you’ve had a stressful week! It’s amazing how much I’ve grown accustomed to knitting pretty much every day–I feel strange if I don’t get to do it!

  2. I hate it when my week doesn’t allow for enough knitting time — it definitely makes me grumpy! I hope you find some unexpected time soon.

  3. Your WIPs look great. I love those blues in your scruncable! Yummy!

    Sorry you’ve had such a hectic week. I hope things slow down for you soon so you can catch up on your sleep, excercise, and most importantly — your knitting! 😉

  4. Sorry that you’ve had such a bad week – it was bad for many of us! I do hope that the next few weeks calm down for you – I miss knitting when I’m stressed, since it is such a great stress relief.

  5. Sorry you have had such a stressful week. One of my very favorite verses you will recognize, Romans 8:28…the good is coming, in, oh, so many ways 😉

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