Fiddley, Felted, Fantastic – and Fun!

So I’m like the last person in cyberspace to finally try the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs, and now I see what I was missing. Seriously, these are freakishly addictive (and this is saying something, since I find almost any knit project to be addictive – these are just more so). Part of the appeal, of course, is how quickly they go – I cast on for the first one late Saturday night and finished felting the pair late Monday night. Considering that Sunday and Monday are both work days for me, that’s a pretty quick knit. Of course, I also have OCD on my side.

But the appeal of these clogs is not just that they are fast. They are, as my title up there says, fiddley, fantastic, and fun! Now to me, fiddley isn’t usually a good thing. It requires concentration (not my strong suit), is easy to get wrong, and doesn’t often feel to me like real knitting. But in this case, it was great fun because you fiddle around and fiddle around at what looks like just a mess of stitches, and then suddenly the shape just starts emerging beneath your hands and before your eyes. (An example of the fiddliness: you actually have to read the directions to bind off! Becky didn’t believe me until she saw the instructions, which include random m1s multiple times while binding off.) I think it is a fantastically clever pattern.

my first clog, unfelted

and felted.
Child’s small, in Wool of the Andes Lake Ice and Arctic Pool
16″ size 13 needles, plus a spare needle for doing fun three-needle things

felted clogs, in use
(sorry for the flash pic)

Little Buddha, kicking back in the clogs
(Tiny Dancer isn’t so crazy about them. When I asked if he wanted to wear them, he said, “Nope.” When I asked if he thought they were cute, he said, “Nope.” See why I turn to you people for affirmation?!?)

And a first ever picture of me knitting (thanks, GL!)*

Meanwhile, I have made some decisions, with helpful (read: enabling!) input from you folks. I am keeping the Malabrigo scarf for myself! And, I am going to make Tubey!

I still have some Tubey decisions to make, though. Namely, which yarn to use. I’m probably going to go with a KnitPicks yarn for the sake of my wallet. The question is which one: Swish (the one I’m leaning towards)? Merino Style? Andean Silk? I want to do it in a chocolate brown with light pink and tan stripes, and probably one more color (Rachel, will you think me too stalkeresque if I go with a mossy green?) Anyone want to share any opinions on these yarns. I haven’t knit with any of them before, but am leaning towards Swish simply because it has the colors I want in the shades I like.

Meanwhile, I’m steadfastly avoiding seaming my Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan.

*edited to add:
Okay, I’m a total dork. I just realized that this is not technically the first
picture of me knitting. There’s one here from my second Amazing Lace challenge. But the truth is, that one was posed, and no actual knitting was done during the process (which isn’t to say that I’ve never knitted while overseeing the boys’ potty efforts). Maybe that’s why I thought this was the first one? I don’t know. I’m a goof. But you already knew that. 😉

8 thoughts on “Fiddley, Felted, Fantastic – and Fun!

  1. No, you are not the last to knit the clogs, I’ve not yet done so. BUT, I have to go to the yarn shop this week to pick up some dpns for the scavenger hunt prize and I may just have to grab the pattern!
    Your clogs are too cute!
    I love all 3 of the yarns you are thinking of…I thought Swish knit up quite well when I made Sally’s corset. I think Merino Style will always be a fave and Andean Silk is just yummy. I say go for the Swish if it has the colors you want. I love the brown/pink idea!

  2. I agree that the clogs are fun — I’m about due for another pair — and cute — but especially cute in kids’ sizes!!

    Most Fiber Trends stuff seems to be that way — quick and entertaining — great for weekend projects. (That’s probably the most –s I’ve used for a long time) 🙂

  3. The clogs look great! I’m not terribly familiar with the pattern — what yarn did you use? My mind is on holiday gifts these days, and these look like a promising possibility.

    I wouldn’t think you at all stalkeresque if you did a similar color scheme for your Tubey. I was in love with that color scheme, so I would just think you had good taste!

  4. Love the clogs ( I haven’t knit them yet either) — totally cute, as is the pic of Little Buddha!

    I’ve used all three of the yarns you’re considering for Tubey. Andean Silk is by far the softest of the three, but the’re all nice yarns. And, of course, the Swish is machine washable which is a plus. Swish is pretty soft too — unless you have really sensitive skin, I think it would be fine.

  5. Those clogs are too stinking cute! I love them!!! What’s the smallest size? The Monkey is wearing 6 right now…is it worth getting the pattern?

    Good luck with Tubey – I have a stash of Andean Silk just waiting to be turned into Tubey. I just have other projects that keep pushing that one aside. Poor, poor Tubey…I’ll live vicariously through you, tho!

  6. I have the Fiber Trends pattern (2 copies actually) but I’ve yet to knit them! I really should since winter is coming up but Christmas knitting is getting in the way! The kids ones are SO cute and I’m sad that LB didn’t like them!

    I just ordered some Merino style to knit the Leo sweater (from Knitty) for DH but it isn’t here yet. I hope you can find something nice to knit Tubey with.

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