Sneak peeks and such

Otherwise known as WIP Friday.

But first. Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my hair! I’m still loving it and am so happy I got it cut.

The following paragraph is only for those who either: a) have an interest in all things hair; b) specifically asked about what products I use; and/or c) are so bored that you would read anything as long as it’s on a computer screen. The rest of you can move along to the actual knitting content portion of this post.

I have a very specific hair routine that, for me, minimizes frizz while attempting to maximize curl. Every day my hair looks a little different, but overall I have been happy enough with it since I found what works for me (mostly through trial and error, but with some big help from the Naturally Curly forums and the awesome book Curly Girl). What I use/do: a low-sulfate shampoo called Low Poo by DevaCurl (the line created by the author of Curly Girl, who is a curly hair specialist in NYC, and who cut my hair one glorious time in 2002), a super-cheap conditioner for detangling (basic Suave conditioner), finishing off with One Condition conditioner (also a DevaCurl product) which I use generously as a leave-in (I love this conditioner and consider it the most important part of my routine). I don’t use a comb or brush on my hair ever, I just detangle in the shower with my fingers. After putting on my leave-in, I mix together two products by Curlisto: Control II gel and Structura Lotion – these are what work for me now, but every year or so I will try a different gel, based on reviews at Naturally Curly. After putting the gel/lotion mix on my hair, I put clips along my scalp (for lift) and go to bed with my hair wet. I have found that letting it dry overnight gives me the least frizz, but it also ruins my pillowcases (even though I put towels down first). Also, it takes too long to let it dry during the day, and I don’t like to spend the time it takes to diffuse it dry (I’d rather be knitting!).

Speaking of knitting (the rest of you can begin reading here), here’s what’s going on in my house on this grey last day of summer:

Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan.
I finished knitting it yesterday, bought the buttons, and now have miles and miles of seaming to do before it’s done.
I love the way it looks. And I’m pretty certain that it’s going to be too tight.

Stupid orange sock.
I hate this for two reasons.
#1 – It’s knit in Plymouth Encore worsted, left over from The Amy Project. I don’t know why people invariably recommend this yarn to me. I HATE IT. I do not like fake stuff. I do not like stuff that does not feel good. I do not like stuff that makes my fingers almost forget how to knit. I know most people love it. I am not one of them. But it was the required yarn for The Amy Project and I wanted to do something with what was left of it. So here we go, children’s socks. Well, sock. Now I have to make myself make the other one.
#2 – I made it too short and screwed up the toe. I almost always screw up the toe when I graft, but this time I did it worse than usual. And I made it about a half inch too short. Stupid.
Fortunately, Little Buddha thinks it’s cute instead of stupid, short and vile.

Mmmmmmalabrigo Scrunchable Toddler Scarf, about half done.
The perfect pattern for the perfect yarn.

And now, we are going to celebrate summer’s last day with a family trip to get ginormous burgers. Mmmmm. Happy last day of summer to you!

3 thoughts on “Sneak peeks and such

  1. Good luck with all that seaming! I do hope that it fits when it is all put together. Sorry about the sock frustration 😦 The mmmmmmmalabrigo scrunchable looks great – beautiful colors!

  2. Hey, there. I found this post while searching for Curly Girl stuff. I’m a knitter, too and today is going to be my first day using Curly Girl products. I’m trying to embrace my curls, which I’ve sworn off these past few years. I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut at the salon you mentioned. Was it very expensive?

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