In my household, of course that word could mean something potty-related (or, unfortunately, not potty-related but smeared-on-the-walls/floor/bed/toys/boys-related). But this time it just refers to the people in my household. We are all pooped, tired, drained, completely exhausted.

This week has steamrolled us all, as the beginning of the program year at church usually does, but man, it is just infinitely more exhausting now that there are kids involved. First we had to hire a new daytime sitter (props for craigslist, love my new sitter and her darling 3 year-old daughter who comes with her). Then for the times when we don’t have her (like evenings or weekends) but we have work commitments, we either have to scramble to find someone else (which has been the case 5 times in the last 8 days) or we have to cart the boys off to church with us again to be in the nursery (which, thankfully, they love).

Added to all this is the fact that now that the boys’ cribs have been dismantled and they have free reign in their room, naps have been happening less than half the time. They still spend two hours in their room each afternoon, but more often than not that time is spent playing, tearing things up, and harrassing each other. At 5:00 in the evening, two, two year-old boys who have not had naps can wear me out like nothing else I know of.

Then added to all this is the fact of my total ineptitude in dealing with the practical little details of normal life. This past week included really idiotic things like:

  • leaving my makeup bag in a public restroom and having to replace everything in it, including two things that were brand new
  • buying the wrong thing three different times in five days (a deep cleaner that I thought was a steam cleaner but it’s not; a CD player alarm clock for the boys’ room that isn’t a CD player but has a line-in where you can attach a CD player to play through it; a new skirt for a wedding that was actually the one I meant to leave in the dressing room because it was too big, of course I didn’t discover this until right before I had to go to the wedding)
  • losing the receipt to the most expensive of these three items (the deep cleaner)
  • having computer problems with boot-up (with a Mac! this isn’t supposed to happen!), and doing the same wrong fix for an hour before I finally realized what I was doing
  • somehow ending up importing 295 duplicate photos when I was only trying to get two off that particular CF card
  • driving myself totally nuts trying to nail down lodging in Tuscany when none of the places I was looking at would’ve been a wrong choice

I make things so much more difficult than they need to be. Still. This week, and especially this weekend, a whole lot of things turned out way better than I expected. It has been a very good week.

And I got to hold a newborn today (born yesterday) – a definite perk of being a minister (the one hospital call I’m always thrilled to make). *Sigh*. I’d take a thousand crazy weeks if I could hold a newborn baby in every one of them.

Meanwhile, I am knitting. Just not taking pictures of my knitting till I get my CF card dumped. I’m almost done with the first sleeve of my lace inset cardigan (perhaps I will finish it tonight, but not if I’m wise. If I’m wise, I will go to bed immediately – I get up in less than 7 hours already. Actually, if I was wise, I’d be in bed already instead of blogging). What’s left now is the other sleeve and the collar (the thing that sold me on this cardigan), then blocking and seaming. The current weather is perfect cardigan weather so I’m very ready to be wearing this baby.

And, finally, some pictures of pooped.

Little Buddha fell asleep in the middle of the wreckage he and Tiny Dancer had made of their room. Knee up, partway off the bed, head in a wire maze. Now that’s pooped.

And yes, that is a toothbrush he’s clutching.
And yes, he is asleep, even though his eyes are a little open. That’s the way he does it.

If I’m not around much this week, you can assume I’m either trying to keep up with the speed of life, or trying to undo all the stupid little mistakes I’ve made in the process!

4 thoughts on “Pooped

  1. What a week! I’m tired just reading everything you went through. I do hope that you are able to find some time to rest this week and I am delighted that the new sitter is working out so well!

  2. Bless your heart, I never had 2 of the same age to deal with! Let’s just realize that the ‘forgetful’ moments come from momhood..and the rest of the goings on from being a woman!
    LOL, I am not done with the contest ideas! I’m hoping to get more, then, from all of the ideas I will decide (will pick the winner out of the hat!). Who knows, the Stacey contest may be it!

  3. I can totally relate to the forgetfulness/silly mistakes thing. And, I’m not nearly as busy as you, so I’m not sure what my excuse is! 😉

    Love the photo of Little Buddha asleeep on the floor!

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