The Solace of a Knitted Thing

I had been afraid that after spending so much time and focus on Cozy, I would end up not even using it. I’ve never worn shawls before (though I did do the poncho thing as a very young girl). But I knew the first time I saw Cozy that I had to make it. And it turns out, I needn’t have worried about whether or not she’d get any use.

Every morning, after I’ve brushed my teeth and poured my coffee, I wrap Cozy around my shoulders while I sit and drink my coffee, have some quiet time, and do a little knitting. To wrap a silk shawl around my shoulders at 5:00 a.m., to sit for an hour alone, in silence, with that earthy goodness wrapped around me – it just starts my whole day right. No matter what else happens in a day, those few moments were just what I needed.

Later, when the boys get up, Tiny Dancer wants to sit in my lap under the shawl for a bit, while he wakes up.

Sometimes in the afternoon, when the boys are sleeping, I sit outside in the almost-autumn sun, on my bench swing, with Cozy wrapped around me, and I write.

I sometimes wear it in my study, the coldest room in the house, while I sit at the computer and work.

I wore it to church on Sunday, and I’ll probably wear it to a wedding on Saturday.

And yesterday, when Tiny Dancer woke early from his nap, crying, I brought him to the living room, where he fell back asleep on my chest. For half an hour we lay there, with him snoring on me, and it was delightful. But then I really needed to get up and do work. I rolled out from underneath him and he whimpered. I put Cozy on top of him, and he went right back to sleep, for another half hour. There are no words for the tenderness I felt watching my little boy sleep peacefully under Mommy’s handmade shawl.


9 thoughts on “The Solace of a Knitted Thing

  1. Cozy is certainly living up to its name! Once again, I am in awe of the beautiful imagery in your writing. I enjoyed reading that!

  2. How precious! Your cozy came out so beautiful! I’m going to knit a shawl for myself one of these days…don’t know when, but I have to have one now!

  3. Cozy is a wonderful addition to the family! I have to go back and see what yarn you used! I’m so very, very happy that you are enjoying her so much!
    Sweet, Sweet photos!

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