Fun with knitwear

So this weekend I dug up some of the little things I knit last fall and winter. This was partly an exercise in nostalgia on the occasion of my pseudo-knittiversary (I learned how to knit in the spring of 2002, but not very well. I relearned, thanks to Knitting Help about this time last year). And it was partly in a desperate ploy to entertain the boys on a cold rainy weekend.

They were definitely entertained. We spent at least a half an hour just trying on mittens over and over again, and then taking turns trying on daddy’s watchcap. They especially like pulling the cap down over their faces and playing “Where’s Little Buddha/Tiny Dancer?” Little Buddha even rode all the way to the post office with me with the cap pulled down over his face.

Here they are, modeling
Picky Pants, toddler mitts, and daddy’s cap.

And here’s a totally different look. My first scarves.
With sunglasses, of course.

Little Buddha makes some sort of fashion statement.
I laugh every time I look at this picture.

Last year, I couldn’t get them to wear a scarf or hat or mittens. Ever. I’m so glad they’re at a stage where they appreciate the things I make!

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