Actual Knitting Progress – and Regress

So a few days ago I cast on for Sweater Babe’s Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan and I have made quick progress. (What a difference to go from knitting fingering weight on size 0s to knitting bulky on size 13s!). I love the pattern and love the yarn (Lamb’s Pride Bulky). As of yesterday morning, I was done with the back and halfway done with the left front. Here’s what it looked like.

Last night, My Old Man and I watched part of a DVD together, which gave me primo knitting time. I made major progress and felt certain I could complete the left front before the boys got up this morning.

Got up early this morning, took care of something other things, then finally settled down to knit. I stared at what I had done. And realized that last night I had totally skipped the whole binding off for the armhole part! Back at row 43! Guess where I started last night? Row 43! So basically I have to unknit everything I did last night. So as soon as I get it frogged, my project will look like this.

That’s what I get for knitting while watching Weeds.

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