I’m a finalist in the final Amazing Lace challenge!

I’ve been dutifully playing along all summer, entering every challenge – writing poetry, taking potty shots, even taking pictures of the inside of my closet – but everyone else has been so much more clever. For my all time favorite knitting pic, check out Dave’s winning entry for challenge #4. I mean, seriously folks, who can compete with creativity – or abs – like that?

At any rate, I kept on making my humble submissions to the challenges. It was fun to participate (and My Old Man was quite the sport for going along with a couple of long and ridiculous-seeming photo shoots). And it turns out that for every challenge we did, we’ll get entered into the drawing for prizes, whether we ever won a challenge or not. Pretty cool, eh?

So to get chosen as a finalist for the final challenge is icing on the proverbial cake (here’s my entry). And on top of that, I got a little shout-out for my subsequent post, with me imitating the Knitty model. tee hee. In addition to getting entered extra times into the final prize drawing, the winner of this challenge wins a $42 ball of laceweight Belisa Cashmere (!!!) from Hollis at Full Thread Ahead. Right now I’m trailing all the other participants in the challenge – there are some super entries. Check out this one and this one. Knitters are creative folks, aren’t they?

Dudes, go on over and vote. For me, preferably.

This has been the coolest KAL. I’m so glad I took the plunge and entered. Not only did I challenge myself to learn more about knitting lace, and not only were the challenges creative and fun, but I discovered some awesome blogs out there in the process (because we all know that what I really need is to spend more time online, reading blogs). If you have haven’t seen these before, check them out: Lickety Knit (written by Rachel, one of the co-creators and co-hosts of the Amazing Lace) and Criminy Jickets (written by Dave, who has more to offer than just great abs). Both blogs have everything I think a knitting blog should have – super writing, great photos, and some really beautiful knitting.

4 thoughts on “*gasp*

  1. The Amazing Lace has been great fun, hasn’t it. It’s been great to see knitting stuff that isn’t just about the knitting … it’s about the having fun of and/or knitting. Your shawl is gorgeous — best of luck in the competition!!

  2. I’m so BUMMED that I didn’t get to vote in time!!!@!!
    What an amazing job you have done on Cozy..all of your entries have been spot on, too! And to top it all off, you have your luscious Cozy!!!
    WTG, my friend!!

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