just for fun

I know I’ve already posted a pic of Cozy (for the Amazing Lace final challenge; see previous post). But I am so thrilled with this FO and have been so obsessed with this project since I first spotted it last fall (when I first discovered the online world of knitting, including knitty.com), that one picture doesn’t satisfy me. So just for fun, I had My Old Man take some pics of me imitating the poses of the redhead who models Cozy for Knitty, as seen here and here. I knitted Cozy in the same yarn, same exact color (though the color looks a bit different in the Knitty pics, I double-checked with the pattern author and this is the same color). For my “photo shoot” I also made sure to wear the same color shirt and jeans as the Knitty model. Yes, I know, I’m a freak.

And one with both boys, with their super-serious faces on. (We had to promise Little Buddha an M&M to stay still for one more shot).

And one more.

Did I mention how thrilled I am with this? It blocked beautifully, it smells delicious and earthy, and I just love, love, love it.

Okay, the freak show is over. You can move along now.

11 thoughts on “just for fun

  1. Awesome job! i only have a few inches done on mine. I just love that you “posed” exactly the same. that is so funny!

  2. Cozy came out absolutely beautiful! Really, it looks just gorgeous. I’m glad to see that all your frustration and frogging at the beginning paid off.

    And I love your photo shoot idea — too funny!

  3. i have been behind on blogs so this is my first view of your finished Cozy and it is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! love the pics, love the Cozy. awesome job.

  4. Beautiful job, Stacey! It is such a fun knit isn’t it? I’m glad you are so happy with it and I LOVE your model pose!

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I must say Cozy was worth waiting for! I love your photos, too! What a beautiful family.

  6. Wow, I totally thought that WAS the photo from Knitty when I first looked at it. It came out wonderfully — and just in time for fall!

  7. Your photos are Fabulous! What’s better than beautiful fiber, exquisite knitting, classy pretty model, and CUTE KIDS!?
    Maybe I’ll finish my Cozy this time around. (sigh) I’m knitting in lace weight alpaca doubled. I may back off to single if I think it’s too heavy.
    Congratulations, finalist!

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