Amazing Lace Challenge #6: Unlikely Model

Your challenge — your final challenge — is to post a photo of your lace being proudly worn or displayed by the strangest, funniest, or most unlikely model you can find…. [Pets are disqualified.]

Okay, so this one stumped me. My first thought, which would’ve been great fun but I am a total coward, was my neighbor Jack. I imagined him on his Harley with his cigarette in his mouth and his t-shirt off and his tattoos showing, wearing Cozy. It would’ve been a great shot. But like I said, I’m a coward. There was just no way I could get up the nerve to ask that man to wear my shawl.

My second thought came when I was at the zoo with my boys. In the petting zoo part, I was easily within throwing distance of pot-bellied pigs and alpacas (how cute would that have been?). The drawback was, once thrown, how would I get the thing back? I could’ve gone for the goats, which we could walk right up to and pet, but still I hesitated. Mainly because I failed to bring my shawl with me to the zoo.

My Old Man would’ve been an easy unlikely model, but I figure a lot of other challenge participants are going with spouses. And statues. Plenty of statues around here but other people have already done that, and better than I could’ve.

So I thought and thought and thought. And I realized who was the most unlikely model of all.


Because the truth is, I have never ever worn anything I have knitted. I’ve only ever knitted two things for myself before – the Anthropolgie-Inspired Disaster and vaguely disatisfying To Dye For – neither of which I wear. Okay, I did actually wear the Disaster once, but I realized moments after putting it on that it was an ill-conceived choice. It was too late to fix the situation, though, because I was already out and if I took the thing off then I’d be wearing only a tiny camisole. Since I was having a formal dinner with a bunch of clergywomen and nuns, that hardly seemed appropriate. The upshot is, my previous projects for myself have spent pretty much their entire knitted lives shut away, unworn.

But with the inspiration of the Amazing Lace, I have finally completed not one but two projects I will actually wear. Cozy and the Simply Lovely Lace Socks (I’m wearing both in the picture). It feels sooooo good finally to have knit something I love and will definitely wear! Yay!

3 thoughts on “Amazing Lace Challenge #6: Unlikely Model

  1. Unlikely though you may be, you’re the perfect choice to show off that gorgeous lace! I’m so happy for you to have 2 things that you’re proud to wear!

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